‘Serial Stowaway’ Woman Arrested Again At Chicago O’Hare Airport Days After Being Released From Jail


A woman known as the “serial stowaway” was arrested again on Sunday at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, just three days after she was released from jail after being nabbed for flying ticketless from the Illinois city to London.

The 66-year-old’s latest arrest is one of the string of airport crimes that spans for years. Hartman was released Thursday after she was arrested last week for bypassing Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at O’Hare airport and boarded a British Airways flight without a ticket or boarding pass.

Police eventually caught Hartman, but not until she landed in London and returned on a flight back to Chicago.

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  1. It’s the officers who allowed her to pass without a boarding pass or ticket who should be arrested. Did they think she’s Hillary and can do what she wants?

  2. It doesn’t surprise me she got past those stupid high school dropouts with the purple gloves on that work for the TSA. One of the requirements to get a job with the TSA is, you have to be as dumb as a doorknob.


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