‘Severe Consequences’ if Trump Abandons Nuke Deal, Says Iran

The president of Iran has warned Donald Trump the U.S. will face “severe consequences” if it abandons the nuclear deal Tehran signed with world powers in 2015. Trump has previously warned European allies that they must fix what he called “terrible flaws” in the accord by mid-May or he’ll restore U.S. economic sanctions on Iran—undermining the agreement that led Iran to curb its nuclear program.
In a speech broadcast live on Iranian state TV, President Hassan Rouhani directly warned Trump against abandoning the deal. “I am telling those in the White House that if they do not live up to their commitments, the Iranian government will firmly react,” Rouhani told a cheering crowd of thousands, according to Reuters news agency. “If anyone betrays the deal, they should know that they would face severe consequences,” he said, adding: “Iran is prepared for all possible situations.” President Macron of France has been lobbying Trump to remain faithful to the deal during his state visit this week. Read more.



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