Sha’ah Tovah English Magazine Taking a Break

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shaah-tovahA year after the Sha’ah Tovah magazine debuted its English language magazine, the publication is taking a break, has learned. Some have speculated that the magazine will be closing for good, but the magazine publishers say that they are only taking a short hiatus before returning with an improved approach.

One year ago, the Orthodox Jewish weekly in English began trying to find its place in the already crowded American chareidi media sector. The editor of the publication was Faigel Safran, a former Managing Editor of Mishpacha Magazine. A graduate of Hunter College in New York City, she made aliyah in 1992 and lives with her family in Israel.
Sha’ah Tovah‘s magazine included a women’s section called “Sha’ah Today” and a children’s section, but with the market led by Yated Ne’eman, Mishpacha Magazine, Hamodia and other publications, such as Bina and the newer Zman monthly, Sha’ah Tovah had some difficulty creating in a niche in the packed market that 25 years ago was occupied solely by The Jewish Press, before Yated Ne’eman created the genre of Torah journalism.

Sha’ah Tovah was produced by Binyomin Zilberstrom and featured as its cover story for its first issue last July “A Day in the Life of a Gadol – Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita” and an interview with a brother of one of the imprisoned bochurim in Japan.
The Sha’ah Tovah enterprise lasted for one year, before its publishers decided this month to take a “vacation.”

In a statement to Sha’ah Tovah employees, Yudis Rabinovitz of Sha’ah Tovah remarked, “We stepped into a market already filled with other frum publications and it wasn’t easy to find our place – but gradually, we made progress, seeing sales increase, especially after Pesach. We kept hearing encouraging words from people all over, and it gave us the impetus to keep going, even though we were still the ‘little guys’ in the market, and financially struggling.”

“For a number of reasons (financial, mainly),” continued Rabinovitz, “we’ve reached a crunch point now, and the magazine is being forced to go on a ‘vacation.’ …B’ezras Hashem, it will be just a few weeks, maybe a month, and then we’ll start up again, with renewed vitality, with new resources…new ideas and fresh optimism.”

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  1. Yated Ne’eman was indeed the first yiddish newspaper in America, to counter “The Jewish Press” but i would emagine that today, the Hamodia’s sales outnumber Yated’s, although i”m not exactly sure why it’s that way

  2. I used to buy this magazine. But when they had an article giving a soapbox to those hooligans that met with the Iranian president and who protest together with the Palestians against Israel, (not to mention the great chillul Hashem they presented) I never bought that magazine again. Shame on you!

  3. Whats being done for those with prepaid subscriptions?

    Also, none of the so-called frum publications is anything more than the daas baal habatim of their publishers.

  4. Dear Sha’ah Tovah

    We really enjoyed your magazine in our home. We started to use it as a alternative for another publication that we stopped bringing in to our home. Please start printing again soon,
    Your nick is to be like the Yated of magazines frum and true! Have Rabanim that your readers are familiar with and trust, and follow them well.
    I hope you come back with a fresh new look that makes you a leader in the frum reading world!!

  5. Let them all go away! Especially after they all endorsed the mushchus Bloomberg for Mayor. They are all worthless rags. If I want news, I turn to Matzav.


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