Shabbat Cleaning Tips For A More Organized Home

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Shabbat is a holy time meant to bring rest into our lives, which means trying to get ready for the week during Shabbos will do nothing else but belittle the honor of this day. This is why the Sages forbid us to do any type of cleaning that would help us prepare for the upcoming week on Shabbat.  For example, we are not allowed to make the bed in order to get ready for going to sleep on Saturday night during Shabbat. At the same time, we are allowed to make the beds during Shabbat in order to tidy up the bedrooms and make them look nice for the Shabbat day. The same goes for clearing off the tables after eating during Shabbat or doing the dishes that are meant to be used again during Shabbat.

There are also some other exceptions form this rule as well, and we are going to discuss a few of them in the next lines.

Cleaning in Honor of Shabbat

If you usually never eave a pile of dirty dishes sitting in the sink for days in a row during the week, you could do the dishes during shabbat, provided you think that having dirty dishes in the sink belittle the honor of this holy day. This means that you are allowed to wash the dishes even if you do not plan on reusing them before Shabbat ends, in order to properly honor the day and keep your home sparkling clean,

Nonetheless, there are still exceptions worth mentioning here, such as the interdiction of washing the pots, given the fact they are “muktzeh” and washing them is will usually considered a burden.

Use the days before Shabbat to prepare for the holy day by doing the following:

Clean Every Day

·  Make a habit out of wiping down the sink once you are done doing the dishes and loading the dishwasher so you can keep these surfaces clean for longer.

·  Do the same with the top of the stove and the countertops and remember to periodically sweep the floors or use the vacuum on the carpeting and area rugs to maintain them clean, fresh, and stain-free.

·  Remember to rely on a professional, efficient, and affordable Oriental Area Rug Cleaning services every time you feel like you use an extra hand around the house. If you cannot remember when was the last time you could find time for a thorough kitchen or bathroom scrubbing of the tile and grout, find a reliable service and schedule an appointment. Make sure they will show up before Shabbat and they have plenty of time to tackle all the cleaning chores for you.

Be Organized Every Day

Once you will make a habit out of putting all the items you will use throughout the day back where they belong, you will notice how much easier it will be to get ready for Shabbat and keep your home neatly organized and tidied up. For this, you should always set the breakfast area and wipe it clean as soon as you are done. Always pick up all the items that do not belong in the kitchen and take them out of the room and to their rightful location. You could also use an empty basket to collect all of these items and make sure you empty it at the end of the week, before Shabbat.

Keep the garbage can clean by wiping its interior periodically and do the same with the sandwich-maker, toaster, microwave, and any other kitchen appliances that you normally use during the week.

Throughout the rest of the week, see that you make meal plans and write down your grocery lists, replace all dirty towels and empty and clean the fridge at least twice a week.


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