Shabbos Lighting Feud in Beit Shemesh

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Due to motion detection lighting in the lobby of his building, a religious Jew was exiled from his Beit Shemesh home every Shabbos for the past ten months. His neighbors rejected an offer to install a Shabbos clock at his own expense.

The Land Commissioner ruled in favor of the religious Jew on the basis of a regulation that states: “An apartment owner may, without the consent of other apartment owners, install at his own expense a mechanism which enables the automatic operation of lighting without chillul Shabbos in the shared property, and he shall bear the costs of maintaining and operating the mechanism.”

The secular neighbors appealed the commissioner’s decision, adding a new argument that they wanted to leave the lighting to retain the building’s secular character. Only after a Yerushalayim court rejected the appeal was the newcomer able to spend Shabbos in his home for the first time.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. A secular/reform Jew is worse than a Goy because he has an internal feeling of guilt, an internal flame.
    Don’t fight them, embrace them with Hashem’s love.


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