Shabbos of Inspiration – THIS Weekend – with Lechu V’nelcha!

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With a roster of special guests, a lineup of inspiring speakers, a palpable sense of kedusha and a spirit of achdus beyond compare, post seminary girls at the 22nd bi annual convention of Lechu Vnelcha will find themselves enjoying a truly memorable Shabbos.  From a Friday afternoon Toameha to the final notes of the ruach filled Melava Malka, the convention will be elevated to new heights during the most special day of the week, with a full array of heartwarming zemiros, meaningful drashas and sumptuous meals to enhance the true Shabbos spirit.

The Friday night program will include a special welcome by Rebbetzen Dinah Fink, founder and director of the Lechu V’Nelcha global program and their shabbatons, Kaballas Shabbos with the 200+ participants, and a  shiur by Harav Todros miller shlita, renowned marbitz Torah from Gateshead, who is the revered key note speaker of all Lechu V’Nelcha conventions.  After the fri night seudah there will be a choice of 4 concurrent workshops to attend to hear the wisdom and insight of the participating mechanchoim/ois -Rabbi Saadia Grama, Mrs. Shulamis Burstein, Mrs. Miri Kroizer and Mrs. Leah Weiss. The evening will be rounded by an oneg Shabbos featuring Mrs Meirav Weg with the remarkable lessons to be learnt from her personal life story and then a final kumsitz to connect and rejuvenate.

Shabbos morning, after shachris and a delectable Kiddush, there will be 2 concurrent shiurim, given by Rabbi Saadia Grama shlita and Rabbi Todros Miller. One shiur for those participants who are recent seminary graduates and the other for those who have been in the workforce for several years. After seudas Shabbos which will feature a special address by Rebbetzen Shlomtzy Weiss, the girls will once again have the chance to participate in another choice of 5 concurrent workshops by Rabbi Saadia Grama, Mrs. Shulamis Burstein, Mrs. Miri Kroizer, Mrs. Meirav Weg and Mrs. Leah Weiss.  Shalosoh seudos will be accompanied by a panel discussion by the participating mechanchois and will be led by Rebbetzen Shlomtzy Weiss.

As Shabbos gives way to another week, the convention’s energy will continue late into the night with an evening full of programming.  Motzei Shabbos will be packed with nourishment for both the body and the soul, an incomparable combination that will leave participants with renewed spiritual and emotional koiches to serve H-shem with love and joy. Rabbi Todros Miller will grace the girls with another of his in-depth shiurim that will discuss Torah Min Hashamayim and the girls will also have the privilege of having one-one-one appointments with him to discuss or ask anything that they would like clarity on. There will be the special opportunity to meet with world renowned shadchanim (many shidduchim have resulted from a LVN Shabbaton! ) and several extracurricular activities including swimming with Olympic champion Irene Eisdorfer, comedy with much awaited Mrs. Marian Fine, dancing and kumsitzes.

The convention’s energy will continue Sunday morning with several more hours of connection, inspiration and of course relaxation! After a deliciously nourishing breakfast, the girls will have the opportunity to use the fitness facilities and take a swim once again with Olympic champion Irene. The day’s program will include a dynamic and extremely illuminating question and answer session with Rabbi Todros Miller, a therapeutic and fun painting session with creative Helen Spitz, and  a final and much anticipated shiur with Rabbi Todros Miller on Chanuka. To wrap up their extraordinary time together, Rebbetzen Dinah Fink will give her closing session to the girls, whom will then board their buses with their packed lunches and a new spring in their step and in their hearts.

The Lechu V’Nelcha convention provides an unparalleled experience which as an alumni puts it ‘can only be felt if actually experienced’. The incredible combination of spiritual upliftment coupled with the ability to completely recharge emotionally and physically is something extremely rare and very special. Like-minded girls world-wide connect with each other and with themselves while being deeply inspired to strive to reach greater levels in their avodas Hash-m. As a shabbaton participant put it, “I received such depth of clarity about the issues in my life that have been on my mind.” Said another attendee, “The Shabbaton was above and beyond anything I could have dreamed of. Besides for all the shiurim which were so inspiring and practical, I treasured the feeling that we were part of one big family — a group of girls from diverse backgrounds with common goals. I feel so much more connected to my true goals and have been recharged with renewed enthusiasm for higher ideals and to deal with daily challenges.’’ 

For more information, or to register, please call or text 7185946643, or 7188407060. Or email [email protected]



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