Shadchanus Fees Steadily Rising in Eretz Yisroel

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shidduchim1Shadchanus in the chareidi sector have risen significantly in the last months, along with the overall increase in prices. The hike is predominately felt among “Ashkenazi families who seek to marry off their daughters to a distinguished family,” according to a Ynet report. In recent years, the official shadchanus rate has stood at $1,000, paid by each of the two families to the shadchan who found them the right shidduch. Until recently, this has been the fixed price in basically all frum communities and chassidishe kehillos.However, due to the financial slump, shadchanim have recently been forced to update their prices. But while yeshiva bochurim continue to pay the old rates, the rate for working chareidim in Eretz Yisroel has jumped to $1,300 per shidduch.

Meanwhile, another dramatic change has taken place in the shidduch scene: While in the past, Sephardim used to reward their shadchan with gifts, rather than with money, today, payments in cash have taken over, although the rates remain relatively low: 1,000 shekel for each family.

But a shadchan’s dream is still to find a shidduch for the members of the more distinguished families. Such a shidduch contributes greatly to a shadchan’s professional reputation, and while it is not customary to charge a rebbe’s child, for example, for making a shidduch,the other family could pay the shadchan up to $1,500 for the prestigious find.

Modern Orthodox families, who don’t usually use the services of a shadchan, are nevertheless willing to pay extremely high rates for shidduchim. One of the most popular shadchanim of the sector’s richest families, Miri Levi, charges $10,000 from her clients. Luckily for her, there are still enough people willing to pay these sums.

{Yair Israel, Ynet Report by Ari Galahar}


  1. with thousands of boys and girls not getting engaged raising the fee will be an incentive for people to get involved.

  2. Hello no one would work so many hundreds of hours for any company without getting even one dollar. Not only work phone calls at all hours.
    being yelled being told this is not for us how dare you insult me at this time. Even going out on many dates. Or worse yet being given a name they never heard before and taking someone else to do the job. Never even calling back to say thank you or paying a token of a gift. Nothing somehow people think that it is okay. The Sanzer Tzaddik ZS”L would give every one who came with a shidduch at least 3 rubbel he claimed it bought it closer the shadchan took the time and there for he desrved the payment. This is for the easier situations.Do you know what happens with difficult issues it is unbelievable work. I know a shadchan who took a whole year out of her life to concentrate on a certain family. The pain and shame she got was unbelievable. However when she succeeded the whole town began to call her.
    Please help my son my daughter no one has as yet offered her a cent before the shidduch. Come on people wake up and realize that this commission will never be enough pay. For those who don’t pay anything know that payment is a segualh for children. May all of klall yisroel be helped wuickly amen

  3. A) The overwhelming majority of shidducim are made by non-professional shadchanim

    B) Having been in touch with tens of shadchanim, it is obvious that the vast majority of them are so underpaid it is pathetic. Even when a shidduch goes through the $$ received is a far cry from the time, energy, and mental anguish that they put in. As for the well over 90% of shidduchim that they set up and don’t get engaged, well they usually don’t get so much as a thank you. It’s high time we stopped being so selfish.

    bythw I’m am not even remotely a shadchan.

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