Shai Piron: Stop Shocking Our Kids About Holocaust

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shai-pironOver 1,200 educators attended a conference yesterday at the Yad Vashem International School for Holocaust Studies to discuss the current role of teachers in instilling the memory and heritage of the Holocaust among the youth.

Speaking at the conference, Education Minister Shay Piron criticized the current method of teaching as focusing too much on victimhood, hate and shock value and not enough on compassion and hope, as reported by Yisroel Hayom.

“Dwelling on the victim, on the pain, on what was done to us, that’s the easy part. Delving into our identity, asking what is a teacher’s duty and what you teachers will do tomorrow in class, that’s the challenge,” the education minister said.

“We invest too much time on hatred and on shocking our students, thinking that if they are not shocked then we didn’t do our job. This approach underestimates the atmosphere that creates a holocaust, remaining within the realm of tears and not advancing social change, justice, and concern for the weak,” Piron said.

“If we don’t present the Holocaust as a source of human compassion and recognition of the rights of others, then we will have failed in our task. In order to preserve the memory of the Holocaust, we must deal with lessons rather than stories, and we need to change the discourse,” Piron went on to say.

“In this way, our history will become the map to our future. I want to ask us all, when we read the history books, to connect with the past but also think about how we can shape the future; how we can change the social order. Israel’s students are old enough to be educated to love, and not just hate. This way they will remember their grandparents, but we will also have instructed them on how to build a better world,” the education minister concluded.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. of course we should be teaching ‘lessons’ to our children, the lessons that HaShem runs the world, the lesson that its easy to have emunah when things go good, but to trust in the Ribono Shel Olam when things are difficult is a hard task, the lesson that even in the worst circumstance people can still do acts of chesed, but also we must teach our children that hating the evil doer is not sinas chinam. if we don’t hate evil, it will become indistinguishable, chas v’shalom, from the good lessons we must teach our children

  2. My brother was zoche to be guided through Yad Vashem with R’ Asher Wade. My brother told me that R’ Asher was an expert in Holocaust studies, who was also able to show everything the Israelis did in Yad Vashem to mute the religious aspects of our of our history. Unfortunately the government banned R’ Asher from Yad Vashem just before I got to Eretz Yisroel.

    *A SHOCK?*

    Can you lessen the SHOCK of such horrors?

    what we can learn is that…
    The liberals use respect and needing the worlds love….
    FORGETTING that we NEED HASHEMS LOVE THROUGH SERVING ‘HIM’ and “learning” how to serve “HIM”.
    We Jews must learn OUR HISTORY biblical and world history.
    We must know why how and where we came from and *HOW we got here, surviving the tradgedies and holocaust.

  4. How about shocking the kids by telling them about the mesiras nefesh that Yidden had for Toireh & mitzvos under unimaginable circumstances?

  5. Stop teaching about Holocaust and start teaching about assimilation.
    “Education” Minister Piron: “All students in Israeli schools would be required to have at least two one-hour meetings with students from the Arab sector. The law would apply equally to secular, religious-Zionist, and hareidi schools.”
    This is Israel’s “Education Minister”, Hashem yerachem.

  6. Mr. Piron obviously doesn’t have any relatives who perished in the holocaust. He should shut his fat mouth and not lecture anyone!

  7. Of course the details have to be presented, but if we don’t have the flip side – the spiritual heroism of those who kept their humanity and faith, and of the rebuilding – and if we don’t give the kids a good reason to stick around despite these kinds of tragedies dogging us, then sure, we’re doing our kids a great disservice. If Mr. Piron is operating on this track, more power to him.

  8. Piron is just one of the shotim occupying the Bayit Yehudi party with their twin party, Ein Atid. They are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of religious/traditional Jews and think no one is catching on to their playacting.

  9. #3 You can see Yad Vshem with Debbie Spero, Rabbi Teller, Rebbetzin Farberstein and other excellent guides.

  10. He sounds a bit like the Jewish Morsi or Ahmadnijad!
    Yidden were killed!
    The world turned a blind eye!
    People alive today survived it, barely!
    How could we not teach it to our kids???
    Does he was to rewrite history also??


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