Shalit Family Blasts ‘Distorted’ Hamas Video

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shalitThe family of Gilad Shalit issued a statement on Sunday night, hours after Hamas published a video showing the kidnapped soldier participating in a barbecue with his captors in Gaza, Arutz Sheva reports.

“The miscreants who were the captors of the soldier Gilad Shalit are using all means to present a distorted picture,” the Shalit family said.

The family added that the video “does not reflect in any way five and a half years of captivity, loneliness and a daily fear in the struggle for survival.”

The footage of Shalit roasting a chicken came four days after Hamas posted a photograph of Shalit smiling behind one of his captors, Hamas terrorist Abed a-Rahman al-Mubasar. The shirt Shalit is wearing in both the video and the photograph is the same as the one he wore when he returned to Israel, leading to assessments that all the events may have in fact occurred on the day of his release, or at the least on the same day.

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  1. “Stockholm Syndrome” is probably incomprehensible to most people who haven’t gone through that particular ordeal. How can we even imagine what physical and mental tortures Gilad Shalit went through in the five long years he was the captive of inhuman monsters?

  2. Biggest question: doesn’t Mr. Gilad know when this was filmed? Why hasn’t anyone bothered asking him? How is it that all this time after his release absolutely no information is available about what happened to him during those five and a half years? I understand the need for privacy, but in a case like this, all we need is a statement like, “This barbecue was the same day I left, and the only time I actually got near it.”

  3. Did nobody else notice how painfully thin the guy is, his toothpick-like arms, the gaunt, hollow cheeks, how his hands shake at different points on the video, and how two of his jailers almost carry him out at the end? It’s obvious that he suffered terribly in ways we (the public) don’t know yet. Judging by the shy smile, we see someone who doesn’t have the strongest persona, so if he developed Stockholm Syndrome, I wouldn’t be surprised.


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