Shalom: Iran Timing Is Only Point of Contention Between Israel and U.S.


minister-silvan-shalomThe only issue on which Israel and the U.S. do not see eye to eye when it comes to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons is the timetable, Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom said Monday.

“There is absolutely no disagreement about the need,” said Shalom, according to Times of Israel.

“The U.S. has operated all across the world in order to thwart a nuclear Iran,” said Shalom in an interview with Army Radio, noting U.S. efforts alongside other countries to toughen sanctions. “We believe in sanctions too, but think they can be even more crippling than they are now.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. only Hashem knows which country has the correct timing.

    as Hashem continues preparing iran (GOG) together with other muslim countries (bnei yishmael)to bring destruction upon the world with bringing milchemes gog U’magog upon klal yisroel

    open up your eyes & watch it happening as it gets closer & closer.

    Can you see Hashem stopping israel from striking iran? Israel already said they are ready to strike a few months ago. the USA was so close to joining israel against iran all the past 2 years, it JUST happened that USA said it will not join israel against Iran.
    (Cause the USA is also in Hashems plan to go against Israel, i.e. Obama is a muslim-Bnei yishmael)

    OPEN YOUR EYES & watch it as it happens. i wish i can tell you a way to avoid it. BUT this is what Hashem said already thousands of years ago to Zecharia Hanavi (open up the book of Zecharia & see for yourself)

    at least i know that TESHUVA can bring it to come much faster & get over it with the coming of mashiach

    may it happen ASAP


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