SHAME ON CUOMO: NY Gov. Used 14-Year-Old Photo from Beirach Moshe’s Levayah To Show Mass Orthodox Jewish Gatherings During Pandemic

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What a shanda.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo put New York’s Jewish Orthodox community on blast Monday for hosting mass gatherings amid the pandemic — but used a nearly two-decade old photo to illustrate his point.

“We know there have been mass gatherings going on in concert with religious institutions in these communities for weeks,” Cuomo said during a news briefing addressing COVID-19 outbreaks in certain areas of the Empire State.

On display beside the gov was a slideshow with images purporting to be of recent packed events in the Orthodox community, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and Orange County.

“These pictures are just from the past couple of weeks,” Cuomo declared.

In fact, one of the photos was taken 14 years ago — at the 2006 levayah of the Beirach Moshe of Satmar in the Orange County village of Kiryas Yoel.

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  1. 11219 zip code includes a third of the nearby neighborhood Dyker Heights which there are no Jews. On the first day of Yom Tov there was reported a 5% of positive covid cases the same as friday, that is proof that the covid cases doesn’t have anything to do with the Jews!

  2. SHAME ON YOU MATZAV. Who are trying to fool?? So he got the wrong picture. WOW! You know and I’m sure the governor knows there are hundreds of pictures that were taken in the last few weeks showing that our community doesn’t social distance. Don’t wear face masks. Yes, you have here and there. I was at the Irgun Shiure Torah shiur today and Rabbi Bald Shlit”a was giving face masks to everyone that didn’t have. How many other shuls are doing that?

    • Most Shuls here in Flatbush offer free masks for those that want one. No need for you to be motzei laz on Klal Yisroel. With friends like you…

    • Hopefully NO other shul are giving out face masks to those who don’t have and killing them. Look how many people are hospitalized because of their masks with breathing problem, blood clots, lung infections, etc. Don’t you understand how dangerous breathing carbon dioxide all day long for days in a row, is? Don’t you understand that the body needs oxygen?

  3. I disagree with the governor but which pic is used is minimally relevant, what it does show is how out of touch they are with the facts on the ground. Similarly announcing recent positive numbers ” from the past 72 hrs” we know yidden didnt test over yomtov… lastly the fact that my sinus and lenox had many orthodox patients.. is because those are the 2 hospitals that the frum liasons are recomending

  4. Cuomo is an evil wicked man who brought toaiva “marriage” to New York State.
    It’s a shame the corruption in Albany is so great, no one has the courage to run against him for Governor.

    • We need a lawyer. If I show my ID and antibodies on the street I should not need a mask. Specially outdoors which is pure rishus. What is the law about carrying ID in NYC NYS? The real law. Let’s stop being sheeple. Let’s sue to keep schools open. Let’s sue federal state and city to ALLOW HYDROXYCLOROQUINE. If a monster mayor and governor are out to haunt us then allow the cure: HYDROXYCLOROQUINE. Just because it’s cheap, it’s not allowed. Wicked!

  5. anybody up for a protest tomorrow in gracy mansion with music and dancing?(lzecher Nishmas George Floyd and all other victims of white privilege)

  6. For goodness sake, Yidden, stop the victim mentality and start obeying the law. We can all fake it and try to convince ourselves and believe that the affected areas were strict with all the CDC guidelines, but we also all know that it’s not true. Who cares what picture Cuomo used? Really? I could post 10 pictures from the last four months that would show the exact same thing. STOP IT. And stop lying to yourselves. It’s embarrassing.
    I”m no fan of the liberal Cuomo, and dislike the socialist DeBlasio, but there’s no anti semitism here. THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE.
    Anyone who claims anti semitism is just a baby looking for an excuse not to abide by the rules.
    Play by the rules, show the world we are upstanding, law-abiding citizens, help the numbers go down, and no one will talk about us.
    And save a Yid’s life…
    Just STOP.

    • It’s easy for you, sitting in the comfort of your arm chair in Cleveland, to pontificate what we here in Brooklyn should or shouldn’t do. Why don’t you mind your own business?

  7. Like it or not we are living through a pandemic, which we all saw the evidence of in the all too many obituary notices here and in all of the Charedi media all spring . Only masks and distancing and gradually reopening our shuls, yeshivos and mosdos brought the numbers down. We erred this summer in the Catskills , and then elsewhere in thinking without any supporting scientific evidence that the magefa was over and thought we could go back to normal. Yes, there are numerous offenders outside of our communities but we have a chiyuv of Kiddush HaShem, as opposed to running to emergency rooms when our own conduct has led to increased numbers which can only be described as a massive Chillul HaShem,That’s why the numbers are up-It has nothing to do with the views of Trump, Cuomo or DiBlasio. You can’t claim anti Semitrism when you ignore medical evidence and then demand top medical care and insist that life has to revert back to normal in an overly rapid manner. If you take the Gemara seriously of being Noseh Bol Chavero then wear a mask and distance and realize that Pikuach Nefesh transcends the performance of any Mitzvas Aseh and most Mitzvos Lo Saaseh-especially and including Tefilah BTzibur Noone here or elsewhere in our communities should begin to think that they are greater Tzadikim than R Akiva Eiger ZL who also instituted distancing and other measures and received an award from the King of Prussia

  8. Cuomo could have used pictures from the Siyum HaShas and made the same point. This is not politics. I hold no brief for Cuomo or DiBlasio. I do know that we are in the middle of a real pandemic and that our media were filled with obituary notices all spring . It was only by masking and distancing that we were able to open up our mosdos, and we then mistakenly this summer that the magefa was over.


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