Share the Wealth: 16 Toms River Co-Workers Win Powerball

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powerballWhat’s $448 million divided by 16? A lot, that’s for sure, and about how much each of the co-workers smart enough to go in on the ticket in the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department in Toms River, New Jersey, will take home with them.

“I couldn’t be more happy for them,” said Jim Pine, director of the department where the holders of this week’s winning Powerball ticket work.

“They’re a group of wonderful, hardworking people, showing up for work today ought to tell you something. Guess this is proof you should always chip in on the office-wide lottery ticket. It’s good to see these hard-working, blue-collar employees win this money that’s really going to be a life-changer for them,” said John Kelly, a local government official. Read more at USA Today.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. It’s not $448 million divided by 16, but rather $148+ million divided by 16. There were 3 winners as most people know. Also after lump sum option and taxes there is left around $56 million left. Don’t get me wrong, its more then I make in a year, its just that 56 million is a far cry from 448 million as you suggested in your article.

  2. It is quite apparent tthat it is NOT rotzon Hashem for a frum person to win this kind of money. I think it is a brocho not to win it. That way you can be mispalel every day from the RSO to provide you with parnassah. Once you become mega rich, odds are you will forget about Hashem, after all you have all you want

  3. Actually it’s estimated 448 so it can end up being more or less give or take 5 million!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it’s only an estimate

  4. eli, how is that apparent? Because a Jew didn’t win? You sound a tiny jealous there…Hashem makes plenty Jews rich, the question is what will you do with the money….let Hashem decide what his razton is, especially when it is not quite apparent.

  5. Well said Jim. There are plenty of frum Jews worth a lot more than 200 million , which would be about what u would end up with after lump sum and taxes. So it obviously the rotzen HaShem to have yidden with that much money.

  6. Dear Eli
    It says in the possuk “vehine sulam mutzav artzoh
    veroshoh maguia hashomaimo” the word “SULAM” has the same numerical value as “MAMON” (money),so the
    meforshim say that’s a remez tha money is something earthy, but if you use it for good purpuses that it arrives till the skies……..


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