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In preparation for this year’s Project Inspire Tisha B’Av film, we are looking for stories about the life and legacy of Rabbi Meir Schuster, who helped connect thousands of Jews to yiddishkeit, most famously through his interactions at the Kosel. If you or someone you know has a story, picture, or video about Rav Meir, please email us at We encourage anyone who’s life or family’s life was touched by him to share your stories, videos, or pictures with us, in order to help further inspire countless others! The documentary film will air on Tisha B’av worldwide. May it be an Aliyah for his Neshamah.

Thank you
— Project Inspire


  1. He was a real tzaddik. I recall once overhearing a conversation Rabbi Shuster ztl had with an American secular Jewish teenager who asked What would happen if he refused to put on Tefillin. Rabbi Shuster responded in his soft tone that it would cause a stain to his neshoma. What a special yid.


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