Sharon’s Last Public Words: “I am a Jew, First of All”

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ariel-sharon2In his last public appearance, on January 1, 2006, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met with participants of the MASA program that brings young Jews from other countries to Israel. Three days after the meeting, Sharon suffered a stroke. He fell into a coma, from which he never recovered.

The following is a portion of his remarks, his last comments in public:

“Israel is the only place in the world where Jews have the right and the power to defend themselves, by themselves,” Sharon said. “And as a Jew – and I am first of all a Jew, and that is the most important thing for me – I know that it is not only the only place in the world where we have the right and the power to defend ourselves by ourselves; it’s also our duty. I think that each of us is responsible for the future of the Jewish people. Our people has existed for about 4,000 years now. And I worry about what will happen in 30 years’ time, in 300 years’ time, and with G-d’s help, in 3,000 years’ time. And I don’t see it as my personal responsibility, but it is the responsibility of each of you. That’s what you have to feel. And that’s what we owe to our fathers and forefathers, in order to be able to ensure that the Jewish people will exist.”

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  1. I read on the internet that his mother was not Jewish, if so he is also not considered a Jew According to Jewish Law.

    So why are so many bashing him for his bad behavior in Gush Katif, if he is not Jewish what could one expect from him?

  2. Most remarkable of all is the fact that he invoked “G-d’s help..”
    This is in stark contrast to his two references to ‘defending ourselves BY OURSELVES! a stance of ‘kochi ve’otzem yodi’ which is the policy of the IDF

  3. Why is it valuable for the Jewish People to exist? The only purpose of our peoplehood is Torah, to be a light to the nations, a kingdom of priests, a holy nation, to bear witness to the truth of God’s existence and His Word, the Holy Torah, and to live according to that Torah. Other than that, we have no value as a people. Just to keep a national identity alive has no value.

  4. We should respect the man who is now deceased, but I can not agree with those words, which elucidate very clearly the intent to replace the “old” identity of the ghetto Jew with the strong and mighty Israeli nationality.

  5. Only a Few Dozen Show Up for Sharon Burial Organizers expected thousands to arrive but the buses have remained empty.

    Two hours before Ariel Sharon was scheduled to be buried, the large crowd expected at the funeral ceremony had not materialized. Only a few dozen people had showed up at Havat Hashikmim – Sycamore Ranch – in the Negev, where the legendary general and former prime minister was to be laid to rest, reported Maariv-NRG.

  6. Can someone clarify if indeed Sharon’s Mother was Halachicly Jewish or not? There were rumors that his Mother had a Reform “conversion”.

  7. Why are people spreading the rumor that his mother was not Jewish?
    Does anybody have a cite for this?
    If not, this constitutes ????? ?? ??
    of the worst variety AND
    there is a ??? ???????
    to speak ill of the dead

  8. He once spoke at a frum function in Manchester and finished his speech with the declaration that only way the future for the Jewish people is guaranteed, is by by Jewish Education. I was there and heard it.


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