Sharpton Planning 100-City “Justice For Trayvon” Protest Tomorrow

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sharptonNever one to let a tragedy go to waste, Reverend Al Sharpton announced yesterday that his National Action Network is planning to “mobilize” protests in 100 cities this weekend against the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman.

The rallies will be staged at federal buildings across the nation tomorrow, though Sharpton did not specify in which cities. He said he hopes the events will encourage the federal government to take action against Zimmerman.

Attorney General Eric Holder has pledged to open an investigation of whether Zimmerman can be charged under federal civil-rights laws.

Sharpton, often known for stoking – rather than helping to extinguish – the fires of racial tension, has played a key role in protests surrounding the trial – within a month after the incident, he led a rally in Sanford, Fla., spoke at a protest in New York’s Union Square, and devoted a great deal of time on his MSNBC show to the story.


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  1. The man is a baffoon. . Over the roughly month-long period from the commencement of jury selection for Trayvon Martin on June 10 to the announcement of the verdict on July 12, the city of Chicago alone suffered a total of 61 murders. Almost all were black on black. Why doesn’t Mr. Sharpton march there? I’ll tell you why. A black mans life is only worth something when he is killed by a non black. When a black kills a black, there is never any marches. No one cares including the so called black leaders. A bunch of phonies.

  2. As far as I am concerned and in my humble opinion Al Sharpton should have been convicted and jailed for inciting riots ever since the 90’s!


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