Shas: IDF is ‘Depraved’ Army With Indecency; Amsalem Disagrees

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shasThe IDF is “a depraved army with indecency and therefore does not enjoy Heaven’s help,” according to a leaflet published by the Shas party.

“For over a decade, the Israeli army has pushed the religious Zionist soldiers into a corner when they refused to hear women’s singing,” one of the regular contributors to the leaflet wrote. “Moreover, in the past decade, the IDF opened its gates to female soldiers in sensitive and central positions. The minimal boundaries of modesty have completely fallen apart in IDF camps.”

“When lust and reckless abandon are in the camp of Israel, the holy Shechina spreads its wings and disappears,” the article said, explaining that if the army does enjoy operational success, it is only thanks to G-d’s protection. “The decadent army, despite its immorality, cannot tear down the heavenly protection that we receive thanks to Torah studiers.”

The article was reported on Channel 10 television, and Shas immediately announced it would relieve the writer of his position in writing the weekly paper.

MK Chaim Amsallem, who broke away from Shas to start his own movement, reacted sharply to the article. “Shas is taking the large Sephardic public that voted for it and wants to turn it non-Zionist, just like the extremists from Beit Shemesh and Meah Shearim,” he warned.

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  1. Its about time the truth has been revealed! Reb Yoilish ZT”L saw this:
    May Moshiach come speedily in our days to rid the world of this unspeakable evil

  2. “Shas is taking the large Sephardic public that voted for it and wants to turn it non-Zionist”

    Halvi this would be true.

  3. The army may have its issues, but the fact is that they defend the jewish people. So with that I think that our Creator has a lot invested in our situation.

  4. all true
    but not everything we believe has to be said
    not eveything said has to be written
    not everything written has to be disseminated

  5. We should ask God to help Israel in its
    justified defense against implacable enemies.

    Like all armies, sometimes the guys get
    a little rowdy in their spare time. They’re
    not perfect and do not always live up to the
    high standards of morality demanded in the

    But let’s not forget that those guys
    are defending our people against the
    bad guys.

    Pray for Israel. May HASHEM protect
    Israel from its enemies.

  6. It should be remembered that the gentleman who wrote the article was immediately fired. Evidently the leadership of Shas does not endorse this – at least openly.

    Yes, the IDF has some problems, but all armies have problems, and because it’s the army of a Jewish state with a lot of Torah-observant citizens, the problems are a lot less.

    And I don’t forget that I’m alive today because of the almost 3,000 members of the IDF who gave their lives in the Yom Kippur War. If there wasn’t an IDF, there would be no Jews in Israel to worry about it.

  7. To say there would be no Jews in “Israel” without the IDF is kfirah at worst and naive at best. There were Jews in Eretz Yisroel before the medina, and we will be here after the medina. Hashem gave Eretz Yisroel to the Jews

  8. #16 – You’re wrong. The Arab governments at that time were for getting rid of Jews completely. Historically, there were usually Jews at least in Yerushalayim, but in the 20th Century the call became to throw the Jews (including our friends the Neturei Karta) out of Israel entirely. Meah Shearim would have been just as “judenrein” as Tel Aviv.


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