Shas MK is Moche in the Knesset for the Kavod of Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss

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amsalemFollowing an incident this past weekend in which Yerushalayim police officers pushed Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, Gaon Av Bais Din of the Eidah Hachareidis, at a Shabbos protest at Intel’s factory, Shas MK Chaim Amsalem was moche in the Knesset for the kavod of the Gaavad.

“I am moche for kavod haTorah and the kavod of a gadol baTorah,” he said.

Amsalem, in the Knesset, stated:

“Today, I do wish to comment or argue about the legitimacy or effectiveness of the Shabbos protests…but I want to quote the Gemara in Maseches Shabbos (119 b) which states, “Rav Yehudah said, Yerushalayim was destroyed only because of the disrespect shown to talmidei chachaomim…. As the posuk in Divrei Hayomim says, “Vayihyu malivim…’ And Rav Yehudah said in the name of Rav, one who is mevazeh talmidei chachomim, ain refuah lemakaso (there is no way to rectify his misdeed).”

rav-yitzchok-tuvia-weissAmsalem added: “And it says in Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh Deah 243:6) that it is a terrible iniquity is to degrade talmidei chachomim, and anyone who is mevazeh talmidei chachomim has no cheilek in Olam Habah. And this is included in [the posuk which states] ‘Ki devar Hashem bazah’” (Bamidbar 15:31).

“And therefore,” said Amsalem, “I have two words to say: ‘Ani mocheh’ (I protest). I am moche for kavod haTorah and the kavod of a gadol baTorah, Rav Weiss… The dignity and honor of the Torah was disgraced. I am hereby fulfilling my duty to protest. Thank you. ”

Internal Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovitch responded by saying that police were not aware that Rav Weiss was in the crowd of protestors who were pushed away from the Intel plant.

{Yair Israel}


  1. Of course Chaim Amsalem statement is to be appreciated.

    I wonder if this was the appropriate venue to make this statement. Again, the statement is true, correct, and necessary. The illegitimate venue (i.e. the Kenesset) is the question.

  2. My son was standing right near the Gaavad, and what he says corroborates the police statement. When the Gaavad saw the police starting to push the crowd, he moves away quichly. (He is not a youngster-he did not want to fall.) The Gaavad went only to be Moche for Kavod Shabbos – he was not planning to stay and riot.

    The question remains, however. Are the police supposed to be pushing peaceful protesters around in a free, democratic society????

  3. to ccr

    tell your son to stay home – learn shabbos afternoon – play with friends – whatever .. dont allow him to go in the streets and create a global chilul hashem

    what type of chinich is he getting

    shame on him

  4. The police had no right to push anyone who attended this non violent demonstration, all of the people came to do is scream out loud the word “Shabbos” I was actually there from beginning to end, I witnessed the police arriving like hooligans, viciously pushing and shoving the innocent protesters who came to speak (scream) out for Kovod Somayim, who wherr following orders, as they where instructed by the Badatz Gedolim Shlita.

    The fighting only started once the police started acting ling wild animals who ran out of their cages, there was absolutly no reason for it, till the police arrival it was nice and peaceful.

    For interest-sake Intel has not received a permit to be open on Saturday.

    BTW there is no law in Israel (YET) that prohibits saying or screaming the word SHABBOS KODESH yet.

  5. ccr (#3):

    B”H your son was zoicha to stand next to the the Gaavad Shlita in defending Kovod Shabbos Kodesh.

    A true honor your should be truly proud of!

  6. My son happens to be an excellent bachur – a masmid and a responsible boy. He happened to have finished his seuda very early – way before his chavrusa. He was passing by the Gaavad’s house on his way to his dira, and saw the Gaavad leaving, so he decided to walk with him.

    He knew the Gaavad would be there only for a short time and figured that no rabble-rousers would be allowed to get close to him. So he went, to protest Lmaan Kedushas Shabbos.

  7. ccr

    I envy your son’s schar for standing up for Shabbos – at considerable risk to himself from the anti-religious police authorities.

    (BH the cops didn’t beat or charge at him for innocently being in public.)


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