Shas Spiritual Leader Threatens Retiring The Party Following High Court Decision

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Spiritual leader of the Shas political party Rav Shalom Cohen is threatening to retire the party from the coalition following a decision by the High Court of Justice to allow supermarkets to remain open in the Shabbos.

In a conference held  in Tel Aviv, the Rav said that “the High Court is giving us trouble. We need to fight everything it does, and if not—we will retire from the government.” Read more at YNet.



  1. Rav Cohen shlita should be blessed for publicly standing up for the Kavod of Shabbos and the true security of Israel. We must support and stand proudly behind every Jew who stands up for Hashem and His Torah.

  2. Yes. They are going in the way of Rav Shach who bolted the govt. when they transported the turbine on shabbos….just wondering where Degel Hatorah is in all this…..Think about it.

  3. This reminds me of an employee who went to his boss and said: If I do not get this matter the way I want, I will quit. The manager responded by passing forward a letter of resignation and said: Sign, and you can leave immediately.


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