Shas: Yesh Atid Worse Than the Misyavnim

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mk-nissim-zeevYesh Atid is worse than the Hellenists in the Chanukah story, because while they pursued the Jewish loyalists spiritually and not physically, Yesh Atid and its allies want to harm both ways, Shas MK Nisim Ze’ev said today.

“I am constantly fighting wicked edicts,” Ze’ev said. “They keep pursuing and torturing the kollelim and the yeshivos with such cruelty just like the Hellenists.”

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  1. No doubt that the Yesh Atid party was set up for the sole purpose of destroying all Yiddishkeit in EY. He (Lapid) most likely promised his father to continue his work of dismantling Judaism in Eretz Yisrael. Since this latest gov was elected, the State was never this anti-Yehudi, as it is now. Milchama neged H’.

  2. #1, Haven’t you been reading the news for the last year; of course, that’s precisely Lapid’s goal – to curtail as much Torah learning as possible, plus a myriad of other laws he’s trying to push through which are against the chareidi and general religious sectors.

  3. They hope to, eventually, one way or the other. Read Rav Wasserman, “The Era Preceding Mashiach”; also, Rav Avigdor Miller’s “A Divine Madness”.

  4. Let’s all take a deep breath and calm the rhetoric. If we want to bring an end to this long galus, and an end to our tzaros, we would do well to refrain from name calling (and worse) in the name of obtaining funding for our yeshivos.
    Defeats the purpose. And achieves absolutely nothing useful.


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