SHATNEZ ALERT: UGG Shoes Found To Have Linen Fabric Under The Wool

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UGG slippers have been found to contain both wool and linen possibly rendering them shatnez and assur to wear.

A linen reinforcement fabric was found beneath the fleece part of the slipper and a picture was sent to The International Association of Professional Shatnez Testers.

An email was then sent to the customer service of UGGs who confirmed that all their products contain linen.

However, Rav Avraham Granat, a shatnez tester for NCSTAR, says that after testing several pairs of UGGs only some were found to contain shatnez. Rav Granat recommends that all UGGs be checked al pi halacha, just like any item that contains wool.



  1. Drinking chalav stam and eating paas akum is 1000 times worse. At least that’s what the internet poskim have been spewing over here for quite some time.

    • What’s wrong with chalav stam? As long as it’s properly government inspected, containing only cows’ milk, then according to Rav Moshe Feinstein, ztz”l, it is fine. However, since Rav Moshe’s psak, additives are often found in milk, which requires verification, and different surgeries may be done on the cows that render them treifos, and that too can be verified, since it may not be worth it to the farmer/dairy to operate on the cows.

        • Chaka Yisroel is not just a chumrah.

          There may be a heter that people rely, but the Halacha of Cholov Yisroel is meikur hadin.

          It is likely that the issue of Shatnez in these shoes may only be a derabbonon or a chumra. You are clearly commenting from a lack of knowledge.

  2. Is this a new thing? My daughter’s UGGs were checked for Shatnez about 2/3 years ago and were said not to contain Shatnez. Was the checker just not able to find it, or is it a new thing?

  3. Update: some of them were found to contain linen, not all of them.
    The email from UGG, was unauthorized per management.
    We wrote to UGG for clarification.

    Realistically, in order to check properly, a shatnez tester would destroy the entire slipper or boot whatever.

    In the meantime al pi halacha, don’t wear them yet.

  4. As always ask a cometent posek. This would seem to be a roiv shailah, my boidek shatnez in discussion with my rav permitted wearing all ugg footwear.

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