Shechitah in England Under Threat Once Again


shechitah2A major supplier of kosher meat to England has shut down. McDonald’s denies it issued a “shut down your kosher plant or else” ultimatum. Slaney Foods in County Wexford, Ireland, which supplies kosher meat for the London Board for Shechita (LBS), announced this past week that “We have made the decision not to have religious slaughter.”

The London-based Jewish Chronicle reports that the McDonald’s chain, which is also supplied by Slaney, denied rumors of its involvement in the decision. It is McDonald’s policy not to use meat that is religiously slaughtered, such as kosher or halal. Following concerns that halal meat had been mistakenly used for some McDonald’s chicken products, the company asked all suppliers to “reiterate that their meat was not slaughtered in that way.”

Shortly thereafter, Slaney announced its decision – denying that they had been pressured by McDonald’s. The Chronicle quoted Slaney’s managing director Rory Fanning as saying, “It’s not that we are doing it because someone was influencing us outside the company. We made the decision ourselves… There has been a lot of media coverage of ritual slaughter, and it was in the context of that, that the decision was made. I’m not saying it’s the right decision. I am very hesitant.”

LBS was not consulted about or informed of the decision in advance.

McDonald’s said there had apparently been a misunderstanding: “If Slaney has stopped producing kosher meat as a result of our non-specification, then there has been a misunderstanding. Our supply chain is in discussion with the Slaney abattoir to ensure they can continue to produce kosher meat separately to their production of traceable, non-kosher meat for McDonald’s UK.”

Read more at Arutz Shevah.

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  1. I’m just suprised that the LBS don’t have their own private abbetoir (sp) by now. Surely it would be much safer hashgocha-wise?

  2. Echoes of the New Zealand imbroglio ? Slaney Foods and their scientists must be able to argue a rational point for rejecting religious slaughter. Is it because they prefer slaughter via stunning first ? The anti-Jewish angle is an obvious possibility. Some people will use any excuse to attack what they see as a hostile or hegemonic group. This act could be the thin edge of a possible troubling wedge or it could be a minor hiccup. Little glitches in the world matrix appear at certain times as tests. People have got to get it out of their heads that a win for one nation means a loss for another. William Blake’s “Jerusalem” comes to mind. The statement by the AHC and WJCC is also not correct. The vast majority of Kiwis are good people and agree with the traditional values of Judaism. They, like many other nationals, may have trouble with some of the mitzvot, but not the Ten Commandments.

  3. Spotlight and his cohorts must have moved to England. They are not looking for more sinas chinam so they just banned shechitah to keep those big mouths quiet.


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