Sheldon Adelson: I’ll Back Trump

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Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino mogul, said Thursday that he will support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. “I’m a Republican, he’s a Republican. He’s our nominee. Whoever the nominee would turn out to be, any one of the 17—he was one of the 17,” Adelson said. “He won fair and square.”

Adelson reportedly told the BBC that he believes Trump will be “good for Israel,” should he win. The GOP megadonor says that he’s also convinced Trump is a true Republican. Read more at Politico.



  1. Mr. Adelson has foresight. Mr. Adelson has saichel. Mr. Adelson has money and lots of it. I agree with him 100%.

    For the Monday morning quarterbacks. Keep predicting the future, keep complaining and keep working from paycheck to paycheck because you’ve been wrong all your life. Stop whining and start becoming productive. Our country, the USA gives you every opportunity to succeed but many fail because they’re too busy complaining about almost everything.

    Yes, you could win the lottery but first you need to buy a ticket. Hashem will give you all that you can handle, and more. You won’t make it by schnoring, stealing, buying lottery tickets or any other gambling. The jails and prisons are full of “innocent” people who just wanted to make a quick buck. “Work [hard] for six days and rest on Shabbos”.

    Have a good Shabbos and a good Chodesh.


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