Shelly Kamerman z”l

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shelly[Levaya info below.] It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Shaul (Sheldon) Kamerman z”l. Shelly, as he was known to all, was a fixture across the country in yeshivos he visited during the last two decades. Shelly was renowned for the raffles he held at the yeshivos, his good cheer, and the insights and commentary that he shared with those he met.

He was 67.

Shelly was a native of Lakewood, NJ. A graduate of Madison High School and Brooklyn College, he was well-read and very knowledgeable in many areas, and possessed sharp acumen and a phenomenal memory.

While he faced numerous trials and tribulations throughout his life, financially and otherwise, Shelly put forth his best effort to provide for himself by holding his popular raffles, which were always greatly enjoyed and anticipated by students in yeshivos and camps in the Tri-State area, the Catskills and other locales. He held raffles for all sorts of prizes, from seforim and gedolim pictures to electronics and memorabilia.

During the last few years, Shelly dealt with numerous health and legal issues, mounting debt and medical bills, and other difficulties. He told this writer that he felt uncomfortable asking for assistance, which is the reason he raised funds via his well-known raffles.

Shelly lived on Eleventh Street in Lakewood until last year when he moved to the Laurelton Valley Nursing Home in nearby Bricktown.

Shelly was considered a dear friend to many in the Lakewood community, the American yeshiva world, and beyond. He will be missed.

Yehi zichro boruch.

Levaya information will be posted shortly.


The levaya will take place tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the Holocaust Memorial Chapel of Congregation Sons of Israel off of East Seventh Street in Lakewood, NJ. Kevurah will follow at the Beth David Cemetery, located at 300 Elmont Road in Elmont, NY.

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  1. I always respected Mr. Kammerman and bought tickets from him because he was honest and trustworthy. I never met a more honest person.

  2. Because Shelly didn’t have family we should learn mishnayos for his neshama. I will start with brachos. maybe we can cover the whole shita sidre mishna

  3. I remember when he first started
    raffling off his prizes. He had
    seforim, and he had old baseball memorabilia
    and always
    intersting things for us to look at and always
    great explanataions and historical background.

  4. I won a barbecue grill from him and sent him a card in the mail
    The next time I met him he told me how much it meant to him and that it was the first time he ever got such a card.

  5. we should learn a lesson in how to treat people. Those who not have given him all the kavod he sdeserved should go aSK MECHILAH BY the levaya or the kever bec he was a soecial man and was always kind. and those who were rodef him need to ask him forgiveness.

  6. I never knew he went to Brooklyn College, but I knew he had a degree because I once spoke to him about it. He had dabbled in different field of occupation. I am several years younger than he was and went to Brooklyn College as well, though I never knew him till some 40 years later. I always admired that he tried to make money himself through his creative program instead of just asking for charity. I found it inspiring.

  7. he used to right down on his manilla envelope every ticket that was sold and was like an accountant when it came to keeping track of the tickets. like the other poster wrote, he was so honest

  8. He used to say in BMG how Rav Yeruchum Olshin was so nice to mhim and would ask him how he is and how he’s feeling etc. etc. I was able to learn from the rosh yeshiva how to treat someone and from Shelly I learned how much it meant to him even if people didn’t think it did. He loved people. He was a people person and enjoyed the give and take with yeshivaleit about everything from the yeshiv to politics to local happenings.
    I personally will miss his presence.

  9. Who knows what kind of schar awaits him in the Olam haemes for having so much tzaar and yissurim and being mekabel bizyonos and pain.

  10. He ate at my house abouyt four years ago. He went through incredible challenges in his life and he will be missed. I considered him a good friend.

  11. I am in shock! Shelly was a good friend of our family and ate in our home many times. I don’t know how I will tell this to my children. Boruch Dayan Emes

  12. The olam should be mekabel to treat people besever ponim yafgos – all people, no matter who, and it should be a zechus for the neshmaa of R Shauyl Kamenrman zichrono livracha.

  13. It is with the greatest sadness that I join the rest of the jewish people in mourning
    the loss of Shelly.
    it is a signal…what is the signal?
    This kind of change can only come about when a community joins the effort.
    My message is to keep in mind that while the Torah is flawless, people are not. and we have to treat everyone with respect.

  14. the yeshiuvaleit in BMG treated him with great courtesy.

    unfortuantely some little kids would come and chepper, but they were usally chased away.

  15. I just saw this. I remember meeting Shelly every once in a while. He was always nice and had something interesting to share.
    May his neshama be a meilitz yosher for everyone who helped him.

  16. I am touched by all the people
    writing here. One can see that
    people were affected by him in such
    a positive way. It is a big kiddish hashem.

  17. If anyone finds out when the levaya is, please post it. If everyone that he inspired shows up, there isn’t a place that is big enough. By the way, I believe I also heard from him that he had a sister or brother. but thats it.

  18. When he moved to the Laurelton Valley Nursing Facility, we saw an ad in the BP Weekly or somewhere that he was there and could use visitors. We went, me and another yungerman, and did our best to uplift his spirits. Over the years, I learned a lot from him to appreciate the good things we have and not to take anything for granted.

  19. Sometimes the Beis Din Shel Maaleh needs members from a certain generation in order to be mayid a limud zchus on that generation, so they get taken up for that.
    This is one of the ways in which Hashem has rachmanus on the world.

  20. Shelley had lots of family – all of us
    who befriended him and spoke to him, so we are all his family and are
    mourning over his passing.
    May his memory be for a blessing.

  21. can someone please post details on levaya and if someone with knowledge could post information on any fund raising activities either for the levaya or the kevurah etc.

  22. I ask mechilah from Mr. Kamerman if I ever didn’t demonstrate full kavod for him although I always tried.
    And I ask his forgiveness that I didnt buy tickets from him more often as I should have.

  23. to anonymous #25

    Do you know this sister? If so, please notify Misaskim at once, they are desperately trying to find any relatives so they can proceed with the burial!

  24. If you want a zchus for yourself, learn mishnayos for him – Shelly had tremendous kovod hatorah despite not going himself to yeshivas like we did

  25. As a member of the Beth Medrash Govoha kolle in Lakewood, I must say that the way the members of the yeshiva welcomed Shelly and supported him was just amazing and surely made Hashem proud. Shelly, be a gutte beter for all of us.
    We’ll miss you.

  26. i once won a suitcase and he tracked me down to give it to me we should all learn from his honesty and his midda of not wanting to take and his kabbolas yisurin with love

  27. May his neshama have an aliyah.
    If anyone has ideas of what we can do lzecher nishmas Shelly, please let us know. Maybe we can start a fund or something in his memory.

  28. No one posted R’ Shaul’s and his father’s full Hebrew names. If he ever got aliyos, gabbaim should know. Is anyone arranging kaddish for the year? Or giving out mishnayos to have a siyum for the sheloshim? Poster #4 started with Berachos and no one else picked up on it. Someone set up a link where people can fill in the names by the mesechta they are taking. The Misaksim Mishnayos sheet link just gives everyone a blank page where no one can see what anyone else is doing.

  29. I remember him sitting in the dining room in Torah Temima, also from BMG.

    I alway repected the way he didn’t want to “shnorr”, and worked hard to earn an honest buck- despite being disabled.

    I recall, how when he would ask someone to get him a drink, he would alway make a Brocho ‘B’kol Rom’.

    And besides his general knowledge, he would sometimes share little “shelly divrei torah” and vertlech.

    May his Neshomo have an aliya

  30. Before I moved to Eretz Yisroel I used to see Shelly and I would ask him, “Shelly, why don’t you visit Israel,” and he would krechtz and say, I wish I could I really do.
    And he meant it. He loved Eretz Yisroel. He loved Hashem. He loved Yiddin.

  31. I remember him sitting in the dining room in Torah Temima, also from BMG.

    I alway repected the way he didn’t want to “shnorr”, and worked hard to earn an honest buck- despite being disabled.

    I recall, how when he would ask someone to get him a drink, he would alway make a Brocho ‘B’kol Rom’.

    And besides his general knowledge, he would sometimes share little “shelly divrei torah” and vertlech.

    May his Neshomo have an aliya

  32. We used to bring him food and he would make a brocha loud and clear for everyone to answe ramein. he was a really genuinely nice man who went through a lot but never wanted to tke adtvatage of other people.

  33. If anyone here in Lakewood can join me in making a shloshim please let me know. I would like to make it in BMG if possible with a siyum. Please write in.

  34. The video of shelly posted by #43 filled my eyes with tears. A person might be a little different than others but, what counts is a person’s legacy. Shelly you left us a legacy of honesty and accepting yissurim with happiness. RIP

  35. Shelly was a great man.he made people smile & laugh with his sense of humor.he was an honest man & made sure not one of his famous raffle tickets got stuck to the bootom of the envelope.he made sure the winner got his prize.he was always there to cheer people up.he will be missed,may his soul rest in piece

  36. I want to point out that the life of Shelly also speaks to the good character traits of yeshiva people all over the Tri State area and beyond.

    R Shneur Kotler accepted these socially different characters into the Lakewood yeshiva system in his days because of the heart that he had for suffering Jews.Shelly kept a copy of a check that R Shneur once gave him.

    Shelly in all his physical suffering knew that he was welcomed socially by the yeshiva boys in BMG of Lakewood and elsewhere and thus was comfortable making his residence in their midst.

  37. There was a respectable crowd at the levaya. Rabbi Tendler, The Satmar Dayan and Rabbi Moshe Reich were maspid him. They all said he wasn’t mekaneh anyone, even those who had more than him and he lived like the Chofetz Chayim with literally no wordly possessions.Even though he never married and had children he was always happy for someone else who was making a simcha whether getting married or hving a child. He had Emuna in Hashem and was a temimosdike person. Yehi zichro boruch.

  38. the maspidim were rabbi reich, rabbi shmuel tendler from sons of israel and the satmar lakewood dayan rav mnordche bezalel klein
    may the neshama go to gan eden

  39. Baruch dayan emes! I remember Shelley used to come to my yeshiva (bais shraga in monsey)and would infectuate all of us with simcha with his stories and good humor. We all ended up giving more than we would’ve normally because of this, though in truth he gave to us more than we could ever give him. I speak for all my mesivta friens in stating that he will be sorely missed.

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  41. Shelly was a lesson for everyone in ehrlichekeit. When someone would give him something to raffle on consignment he would offer to reimburse the full retail value and although it may have taken him several weeks before he finished raffling that particular item, as soon as it was completed, he would immediately bring the cash to that person. Many people can testify that when a ticket – out of hundreds – would fall to the floor Shelly would frantically look for someone to help make sure that it wouldn’t get lost.

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