Shelly Silver Says He Fears Death in Prison, Says He’s Sorry

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Sheldon Silver, fearing he will spend the rest of his days behind bars, said he’s sorry for what he did in one of NY State government’s most powerful jobs – and said he’s worried about his well-being.

“I worry about my own age and health. I pray I will not die in prison,” the 74-year-old former Assembly speaker wrote in the July 19th letter to Manhattan federal Judge Valerie Caproni, according to a New York Daily News report.

Caproni is expected to sentence Silver to prison on corruption charges next Friday.

“The only confidence I have left is thanks to the strength and support of my wife, who is my rock,” Silver wrote. “[B]ut we are both crumbling. I worry about my grandchildren and how they will be treated because of me. I worry that my wife will be destitute. I worry about her trying to visit me while continuing to be a full-time helper for her 93 year old mother.”

He later writes, “Everything I ever accomplished has become a joke and a spectacle.”



  1. The wise amongst us will take a poignant lesson from Mr. Silver. Ein Roah Ozen Shomas v’chol masecha bsefer nchtovim. Oh lo lyom hmissah oh lo lyom htochach.

    May Mr. Silver take the opportunity to repent and return to avinu shbashmayim bs’d.

    It behooves us charedim ldvar Hashem to treat Mr. Silvers family with respect and dignity as mandated by Torasainu Hokodosha.

    • Cute, using your “Toyrah-like” phrases.

      Let’s cut to the plain English:

      Is Silver going to return the millions of dollars he illegally received as “referral fees” (kickbacks)?

      Let’s make it “quid-pro-quid”.

      • A) IIRC a massive fine/penalty was levied at the first sentencing.

        B) Do you know all the facts like the judge at the trial? I don’t think you were there every day. You cannot judge based on tabloid reports.

    • Let’s not forget here – Yes, I know, yesterday was Tisha B’Av – but Silver made MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in commissions from his “referrals” over the last few years. I must presume that his wife and children benefited – either directly or indirectly – from this income.

  2. this arrogant man was in our shul a few weeks ago. he was given an aliyah even though he was not fit for this kibbud. if he had any charota for what he did ,he would have declined.
    now it’s time to pay the piper.

    • Typical reaction of many sections of the Frum community.

      Give a Kibud or the Amud to a convicted criminal, because he “has done tshuva”.

      But to a Yid who doesn’t daven with a talis over his head, or is wearing no jacket and sneakers – CHAS V’SHALOM! NEVER!

      • If Shelly wore a shtreimel and had a beard. I think there would be a different reaction from some people. I think he would get more support from certain groups.

    • He did a lot of good over the years.

      Not long before this thing unfolded he was given great honor by Ohel and others. And now he instantly is persona non grata? Seems excessive.

      Yes, some improper things were done, but that doesn’t erase the good things that he did over the years.

  3. He is human he made a mistake.
    We are all human.

    Melvin did his making millions effect you?

    Leave the man alone. The embarrassment itself is more than enough.

    • Yaakov: We do not live in a Theocracy. It does not matter if his “making millions” affects me. He broke the law. That affects me.

      If this “legal reasoning” is not something you can live with, you might want to relocate to a different venue.

  4. Its sad but there is a Judge in Shemayim. Maybe his suffering will make up for allowing the same gender marriage law to pass.

  5. Nebach. I feel bad for the person. Yes, he did wrong but at the end of the day, he is a fellow Jew and I feel for him. I strongly criticized him when he proudly signed on to the toaiva marriage law. It was grotesque and a Chillul Hashem of the highest order! Nonetheless I don’t gloat over a fellow Jews pain even if it was self inflicted. One who does a crime should pay the consequences but the prison sentence has to be decided on all the variables. Yes, age is a major factor.
    To those comments above that are passing judgement and seem all excited that he is suffering & might die in prison, know that there is a judge in heaven that deals with humans mida kineged mida. Careful.


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