Shendishov Rebbe Is There For Every Yid – Let’s Be There For The Rebbe During These Critical 36 Hours

Shendishov: A Spiritual Home for Every Yid! 

It’s Friday night. The Tish of the Rebbe has been going on for many hours. The entire room is elevated to a different realm where the Kedusha of Shabbas permeates throughout and the materialistic world around is but an illusion.

But something is noticeably different here. The tish is an authentic Chasidsh one, but the gathered crowd includes Yidden of all backgrounds; baalei teshuva at their first tish yeshiva boys in their Shabbas attire, chasidim with tall shtreimlach and baalei batim in their suit and ties. This place is special. This is Shendishov, a place where every Yid is at home and the Rebbe’s radiant face illuminates the lives of all.

The beautiful tish might get most of the attention but the Rebbe’s impact on the lives of those surrounding him goes far beyond the song and dance. Chizuk, Kiruv, Torah, Avodah and Chesed! The Rebbe is a spiritual guide renowned for his true Chasidic leadership based on the fire and warmth synonymous with his Rupshitz ancestry. The Rebbe is also a father figure to all while his inspiration and wisdom are guiding lights to Yidden from all backgrounds.

Above all, this Chasidsh court is a home of Chesed and Ahavas Yisroel. The entire movement revolves around helping every Yid with their spiritual, emotional and material needs. This all begins with the Rebbe himself, a man who barely has the time to sleep and is entirely devoted to the needs of others.

As can be imagined, the costs of these endeavors are enormous, and the financial burden falls solely on the shoulders of the Rebbe Shlit”a. From June 24 to June 26, we will all come together to lend a hand and help the Rebbe Shlit”a continue building his holy empire. Shendishov is there for every Yid and during this drive, we will all be there for the Rebbe by raising $500,000 for this great cause!

Be a part of building Torah, Avodah and Gemilas Chasadim by coming to the assistance of Mosdos Shendishov. In this Zchus, you will surely merit an abundance of Bracha, Hatzlach and Yeshuos!


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