She’s Back: Hillary Clinton Urged to Run for New York Mayor

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Barely two months after Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to Donald Trump, she is being urged by major Democratic donors and leaders to make a bid for New York City’s mayor and challenge incumbent Bill de Blasio, Newsmax reports.

“She’s talking about it,” a former city Democratic elected official admitted to Newsmax, saying the idea has not been dismissed by the former first lady’s inner circle. He and other sources say Clinton is being pushed to run by Democrats dissatisfied over de Blasio’s mayoralty.

“If she ran, she’d win,” another source with deep ties to the Democratic and media establishment said.




  1. How will she be any better than DeBlasio in improving our lives as New York City taxpayers? What has she ever done for us that we should throw out the incumbent?

    • The Republican Party is dead in NYC. They threw in the towel years ago. Bo Deitl? Seriously? Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is to damn high party, has a much better chance of becoming Mayor than that bafoon.

  2. “Run Hillary, Run” bumper stickers should be placed on the FRONT bumper of every driver who cares about the future of New York City.

  3. “If she ran, she’d win,” another source with deep ties to the Democratic and media establishment said.
    Famous last words
    Learn from your past mistakes.
    Fool me once, your bad, fool me twice , my bad….

  4. If she became mayor, perhaps she would try to have NY and CA secede from the rest of the US and form one country, of which she could be president.

  5. NO! NO! NO! please don’t put us thru this again. i never believed that i would ever say the following (but here it goes):
    as much as i can’t stand de blasio, i would rather see HIM be re-elected than to even think of having lying hillary as our next mayor!

  6. When I first read this I was horrified. After thinking it over, much as I dislike her and would have been real upset if she were our next president h”sh, a diseased camel would be better than the present occupant of Gracie Mansion.

    As someone pointed out above the Republicans on a local level in NYC are dead. If De Blasio would run again there might be a chance for a Republican but if she runs they will be toast. NYC is way too libleral. There isn’t much more she could do to harm it. DB is even more corrupt than Hillary and so incompetent.

  7. Don’t you have to live in the City to be its Mayor? Then again, she wasn’t living in N.Y. State when she decided to be our Senator.

  8. She probably doesn’t really want to run. It’s her husband pushing; he will do anything to get her out of the house for a while.


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