Shidduch For A 24-Year-Old in Sanz? You’ll Receive 16 Thousand Shekels

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The community of Sanz in Netanyahu received a dramatic message on the internal phone line of the Chassidus:

The Samchem organization that brings together shidduchim has committed to a shadchanus of NIS 16,000 for shadchanim who will make shidduchim for boys and girls in the Chassidus who are older than age 24.

{ Israel}


  1. Oy vey, how can this be true, the (often non-Litvak) propagandists of the “Litvishe Shidduch Crisis” Inc. industry have been bombarding people for years that “shidduch crisis” is solely a “Litvishe” problem? You mean they have been fooling people about that all along?

  2. Chassidim appear to have a big advantage when it comes to shidduchim:
    1. There is no age gap issue! Chassidish boys are under great pressure to marry young. By the time they hit 20, they hardly have single friends. They are more than happy to marry girls who are older than themselves. This is quite common even among very young bochurim – such as an 18-year-old boy getting engaged to a 20-year-old girl.
    2. Among Chassidim, dating is kept to a minimum and the parents have a much greater say than in the Litvish world. This probably prevents the problem of Litvish single young women being out there in the world, outpacing yeshiva bochurim in worldliness and sophistication, thus making it harder to relate to each other without feeling superior or intimidated.


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