SHILLING FOR COMMUNISTS: NY Times Under Fire After Publishing Pro-China Anti-US Story

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A perceived pro-communist New York Times story earned the newspaper much criticism on social media Monday night.

The Times printed a story headlined, “In a Topsy-Turvy Pandemic World, China Offers Its Version of Freedom,” written by reporter Li Yuan. The story praised the communist country and took shots at the U.S.

Critics called the story “propaganda,” and pointed out that chaos ensued in the Times newsroom last year following an op-ed from Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who wrote about civil unrest in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, per Fox News.

The Times reporter’s Twitter posting about the story prompted many critical comments:

“‘Freedom’ in China? Not for the Uighurs and other minorities languishing in concentration camps,” Cotton wrote.

“Did the Chinese government write this? asked Ben Shapiro, host of the The Ben Shapiro Show podcast.

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