Video Shimon Craimer Releases Charity Single For Haiti

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haiti2[Video below.] Shimon Craimer of Riverdale, NY, has released a song to help raise money for the people of Haiti following the recent earthquake that struck the country. “Bring Them Peace” can be viewed below or at and visitors to the site are encouraged to make a donation to one of the charities offering aid to the people of Haiti. In the first 48 hours since its launch, the video has been viewed over 1,500 times.

Craimer, originally from England, is now the chazzan at the Riverdale Jewish Center in New York.

“I felt that I had a song that would touch people’s hearts,” he said. “After being moved by what is happening in , I released ‘Bring Them Peace’ with a video to encourage people to donate to the charities that are doing such amazing work over there.”

 The song will also feature on Craimer’s upcoming album.

Click below to watch the video:

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  1. The Riverdale Jewish Center that this Craimer is the cantor at is a modern orthodox synagogue that takes extreme left-wing positions on the Torah. It’s Rabbi works in conjunction with the Reform and Conservative “Rabbi’s.”

    Blu Greenberg, the rabid feminist founder of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, is a notable member there.

  2. What an amazing kiddush Hashem he is making with this!
    And how do any of us know what he does or doesn’t do for needy Yidden?

  3. A nice song, disturbing images. A cause for world unity. A better cause- Tomchei Shabbos, Hatzoloh, Misaskim, Bikur Cholim, YESHIVOS!, our poor and fallen our needy……

  4. This is a tragedy of unimaginable proportion which should shake us all up to tshuva. At the same time, we must also feel the pain of fellow bnei adam – Hashem’s creations. Let each person decide where to put his tzedaka money. That has nothing to do with the Kiddush Hashem of publicly expressing Jewish pain for the devastating destruction, loss of life, and injury, as well as hopes for peace for the people of Haiti.

  5. This is all very nice. If, G-d forbid, there’s in earthquake in EY? Will you understand if the world ignores it because charity begins at home and they, too, have a businessman they want to get out of jail?

  6. “Support the non-Jewish poor with the Jewish poor… visit the non-Jewish sick with the Jewish sick, and bury the non-Jewish dead with the Jewish dead all because of darchei shalom, ways of peace.” (Gittin 61a)


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