Shimon Peres To EU Parliament: “We Appeal to You: Call Terror Terror”

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peresIsraeli President Shimon Peres addressed the European Parliament Tuesday, telling the governing body that Europe “divorced its past, it created a new Europe. You converted the divided Europe of the last thousand years, to the united Europe of today,” and praised the continent because “the Europe of the Shoah is becoming a Europe supporting our renaissance.”In addition he called on the governing body to confront Iran and label Hezbollah a terrorist organization, saying “We Appeal to You – Call Terror – Terror.”

Peres became the the first Israeli president to address the current arrangement of the EU. During the speech he lauded Israel’s success at building an affluent, functioning society out of the desert, saying, “The only natural resource we discovered is the human potential,” adding that “Israel is an example where the people enriched the land more than the land enriched the people.” Read more here.

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