Shin Bet Foils Iran, Hezbollah Terror Plot In Yehuda and Shomron

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The Shin Bet announced that it had thwarted an Iran- and Hezbollah-backed terrorist plot to launch high-profile attacks in Yehuda and Shomron by means of a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine cell.

The Syrian military reportedly was also involved in training the PFLP cell, which allegedly operated under the guise of a civilian welfare organization known as “Al-Shabab Al-Alumi Al-Arabi.”

The cell first appeared on the Shin Bet’s radar during the interrogation of 23-year-old PFLP member Yazan Abu Salah, who was arrested in April. He was revealed to be a member of a larger cell involving two attack units, one in Ramallah and one in Shomron. He was arrested before departing for Lebanon to undergo military training.

As part of the Shin Bet crackdown, Yazan’s cousin, Muhammad Abu Salah, was also arrested, along with eight other radicals involved in the plot.




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