Shin Bet Tracking Discovered 70% Of Last Week’s Coronavirus Patients


The number of people placed in quarantine last week solely as a result of Shin Bet tracking of coronavirus patients is 70,051, Channel 12 reports, after the security service tracked the phones of 6,321 patients.

The report says 3,495 of the people placed in quarantine were diagnosed as COVID-19 patients, accounting for 70 percent of all the carriers found last week.

However, the report adds that one quarter of all appeals against the quarantine order were accepted, meaning that while useful in finding new cases, the Shin Bet tracking is also sending thousands into quarantine unnecessarily.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Shin Bet tracking discovered 70% of last week’s Coronavirus Deep State Mossad Criminals.GREAT NEWS! They’re eradicating the Invisible Enemies in Israel just like they’ve been doing in the US, EU and elsewhere. That’s what the lockdowns are for worldwide. Don’t think for one moment that the lockdowns are for arresting those who don’t wear masks and don’t keep social distancing. IT’S ALL ABOUT ARRESTING THE ELITE CRIMINALS.


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