Shmueli Ungar & Yedidim Choir “REIMAGINED” – Aaron Teitelbaum Production


With tremendous excitement and much anticipation from our clients and Jewish music fans worldwide, we welcome you to the new look Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra.

Our updated product promises to deliver that same standard of high energetic musical awesomeness. We welcome our newest members Eli Lax and Yisroel Reches, who’s fresh sound, liveliness, and breathtaking energy, take our music to a new level.

Enjoy a small taste of our updated product, with a short clip from a recent wedding which took place at Lake Terrace on November 13th 2018. The clip features Shmueli Ungar, one of today’s most sought-after singers, who brings soaring levels of energy. Together with the Yedidim Choir, the clip includes a medley of five new hit songs:

Sinai (Aharele Samet/ Motty Illowitz),
B’siyata Dishmaya (Shloime Cohen/ Yitzy Beri),
Nigun Karlin, Adama Ve’shamayim (Ammi/ Shimon Sosah),
Eliyahu Hanavi (Dudi Feldman/Sruli Lipschitz).

Sit back, enjoy, and don’t be surprised if you hit the replay button when the short clip ends!

Production: Aaron Teitelbaum / The Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra
Choir: Yedidim, under the direction of Yanky Orlansky
Choir Conducted by: Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Music Arranged by: Yisroel Lamm, Eli Lax
Band Leader: Eli Lax
Vocals: Shmueli Ungar
Live Sound: SolveTech
Sound engineer and live mix: Baba
Technical Production: Jay Kay/Joe B
Technical Production Consultant: Naftali Schnitzler
Lighting: Brighter Events
Public Relations: Chad Kaminetsky
International Concierge: Shimon Halperin
Press and Marketing: Shiezoli,
Video Production: Neuman Media

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  1. am i the only person upset by all the goyim who play in these orchestras? we like to think that our songs including the accompanying music are kodesh.

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