Sho-for-U Global Safe Volunteer Shofar Blowing for the Home-Bound


An organization is offering to provide free Shofar-blowing services to anyone who is homebound and unable to go to shul.

Sho-for-U, which is run by GoBidud, says that it “will endeavor to help as many people as we can help. Yet, as the numbers of interested parties are enormous, we cannot promise to directly contact each petitioner. Nor can we promise a shofar blower for each petitioner either. Instead, please check GoBidud, your inbox if you subscribed to our email list, and hopefully prominent news sites for a list of GoBidud Sho-for-U shofar blowing and projected times near your home.”

You can request shofar-blowing from Sho-for-U  at their website.



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