Shock as Tel Aviv Demands that Kollel Tear Down Sukkah Built On Private Property

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sukkah4If this were happening in Europe, or any other continent in the world, we would be shouting anti-Semitism. It happened this morning in Tel Aviv. The municipality required the dismantling of a local sukkah including 8 hours. Chilonim who despise the presence of chareidim in the Ramat Aviv area of Tel Aviv have been battling the religious presence in the city and took their next step today. Kollel Zecher Shlomo on Rechov Gordetzki neighborhood became the site of a debate today, when the Tel Aviv municipality demanded the dismantling of a sukkah built by the kollel avreichim yesterday.

The sukkah, built on the kollel property, raised the wrath of secular journalists who contacted the city inspectors, who were quick to write a report calling for the sukkah to be taken down within 8 hours.  

The members of the kollel at that moment were listening to a shiur from Rav Yechezkel Sheinfeld, a son-in-law of Rav Yisroel Meir Lau, and were astonished at the audacity of the inspectors who ordered the dismantling of a sukkah built on private property. A verbal dispute broke out between kollel members – some of whom are baalei teshuvah – and the chiloni journalist. At one point, the confrontation became physical and police were called.

The Tel Aviv municipality has been asked for their response and an explanation for the demand that the sukkah be removed within 8. An official with the municipality was sensitive and understanding, and said that she would try to examine what happened after Yom Kippur.

Rav Epstein, the rov of the kollel, said unequivocally that the land the sukkah was built upon is private and absolutely does not belong to the municipality in any way. has been told that due to intervention by various askanim, the municipality has decided at this stage to delay the demand to dismantle the sukkah until Tuesday, when it will be decided whether or not the claim is legal and legitimate or not.

{Yair Israel}


  1. What do you expect this isnt a Jewish state it is a zionist state! Wake Up my fellow Frum Yidden! Zionism is NOT Judaism and the medinah hates Torah Judaism!

  2. I am not chasidish but unfortunately the Satmar Rebbe was right. The Zionim want to destroy our religion. Seeing a Sukah makes them feel guilty and that they didn’t succeed in their secular zionism. I pity them.

  3. ??????? ??? ?? ??? ????. H’ has his messengers to help frum Jews understand what Satmar rav, Brisker rav, Chazon Ish etc. understood since the beginning. ???? ??? ?????? ???.

  4. So if I understand the story correctly, not only did they demand the succah be dismantled, but had the gall to make the demand on Shabbos as well? Shabbos Shuvah?
    For shame!!

  5. I pity anonymous people who are embarresed to admit who they are but spout hatred of the State of Israel. You are totally wrong when you equate Satmar with all gedolei yisroel. Normal Satmar doesn’t go to Iran and join holocaust deniers. Stop your sinas chinam. This is a dispute that will be resolved and waity and see what happens .

  6. Hey #2 – you are not Satmar, but if you studied in Yeshivos in the past 50 years, you must have studied under a Rebbi who was a talmid of the brisker dynasty – either Rav Chaims, or the Brisker Rov’s talmidim – and they both held that the main goal of the zionists was to obliterate Yiddishkeit. A state was a means to that goal.

  7. What does Iran have to do with this. The 3 or 4 kooks who ho to Iran don’t represent anybody. The satmar shita is shared by the brisker rov ,chazon ish ,rav elchonon wasserman and many other gedolim. They all held that the zionims goal is to eradicate yiddishkeit by making a secular state. It is unfortunately a truth that is hard to swallow bit true it is. It has nothing to do with sinas chinom. Whether or not they are protecting Jews or doing other things does not change their intent and philosophy. You can ask the supreme court justices. They truly believe that it is their responsibility to rule based on their enlightened view of the world and that religion represents a backwards gettho mentality.

  8. None of you understand or have stated Reb Yoel’s POV which is not shared by many at all. That Eretz Yisroel is full of tuma (before Mashiasch)& it is assur to live or visit as stated by the Minchah Eluzar.

    This Succah issue is a private disagreement in Ramat Aviv…..

  9. L. Oberstein
    The only sinas chinam I’ve seen here was yours.
    I do have a suggestion for you to change your life’s views on this matter. Come move here! If you really believe that the state is ok & the Satmar Rav didn’t know what he’s talking about, then you have no heter not to live here. Come join us – and see for yourself what goes on here.
    BTW sinas chinam is a no-no all year round, not just in the 9 days or Ellul.
    gmar chasima tova

  10. The State “hates you”?
    -You get child subsidies
    -you get free health care
    -you get military exemptions
    -you get free child care
    -you get whole towns built specifically for YOU
    And the list goes on.
    Your ignorance of history is mind boggling:Poland, Romania, Hungary were places where we were “hated” by the “state”. If you consider where we’ve been inn past 2000 years, Israel is a blessing.
    Oh, and BTW, read the article “The State” has not yet taken any action against the sukkah.
    Gmar Tov


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