SHOCK: Bleachers at Stolin-Givat Zev That Collapsed in Tragic Fashion Held Together By 2x4s and Zip Ties

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  1. Since I moved to Israel I am being shocked on a daily basis by what’s going on in the (religious) gatherings, streets, and houses. Houses and porches are literally falling apart, construction sites all over are so scary that it really is a miracle every day that people are not hurt. People are adding floors and rooms without any law and logic, not to even mention “culture of pushing” that I still can’t comprehend. It is time to make extra efforts and organizations to educate public to take better care of themselves and not rely on miracles!

  2. The man on the video explains they are held together by iron string, not zip ties!! Anyone familiar with construction here can tell you all scaffolding are done the same way. You should be ashamed of yourselves

  3. I’m shocked and ashamed that Matzav, my favorite source for news would report this horrible tragedy with such disrespect for investigating facts: just the sensational news story as it is reported by those who disrespect Frummer. It’s disgraceful! The fact is that there was some degree of negligence but the way you report is simply not true!
    Stolin is known far and wide for their strict adherence to law and safety standards. In fact they had a certified engineer there on Friday to inspect the bleachers along with the building for its safety! The sad part is that thereafter, since the original was far short of enough to satisfy the expected crowd, they built more and those were not built safely. They were put together with regular metal crossbeeams but they didn’t have enough and then used a few 2×4 for additional strength. They were not held with zip ties as you maliciously report, rather, with steel wires: BUT SADLY NOT ENOUGH, NOT NEARLY ENOUGH! The tragedy is awful but please don’t overdo it and turn a respected community into a horrible negligent bunch of irresponsible people. I’m ashamed of them and ashamed of you! Please contact a Stoliner and correct your facts. Do it l’maan K’vod Shomayim.

  4. not that this changes anything, but those are not plastic zip ties.
    that is metal wire called ‘chut shazur’ that is used throughout the whole country for construction.
    get your facts clear.
    true it wasn’t strong enough or whatever, but please don’t spread lies, it’s painful enough.

  5. the 2×4’s are meant to be crosses that stabilize the bleachers, again something done around the whole country. unfortunately it wasn’t strong enough this time.
    Bsuros tovos.

  6. please calm down.

    so steel wires for a 2 story high bleachers??? kidding me??

    who was the “certified” guy who let this? al pi tora you know his punishment

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