Shock In Mir Yeshiva As Identity Of Man Shot Yesterday Revealed


The troubled Yerushalmi man who was killed Tuesday afternoon in a suicidal stabbing attempt of security officers stationed at the Hizme checkpoint was a member of the Mir yeshiva’s kitchen staff, the Behadrei Haredim website reported.

The 20-year old Pisgat Ze’ev resident left a note detailing his mental and emotional anguish. The man reportedly was exempted from IDF service due to a history of mental illness.

Mir students and staff members were shocked to discover that the downtrodden individual was a yeshiva employee who worked in the kitchens serving thousands of Mir talmidim over the past two years.

“He worked with me for the last two years,” said a kitchen staff member. “He was a very quiet, very introverted employee; he took the directions he was given very seriously. I rate him as a 10.”

“He merited to feed thousands of yeshiva students every day. All the other workers around him liked him, and personally I liked him very much as well. It’s still hard for me to digest that he was involved in this incident. It’s unbelievable. It doesn’t fit him or his personality. He will be greatly missed.”


  1. He was real mensch. He took all the insults with a smile. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. I Think the israli army needs to be investigated for likely overreacting against a kitchen worker.

    • When someone is charging at a soldier with a knife, there’s no time to interview him and to ask him where he works.
      הבא להרגך השכם והרגו

      However, if as you imply, there were people who insulted him (and perhaps drove him to do the dastardly deed), they should be doing a cheshbon hanefesh…

  2. Hashem Yeracheim.
    I think many people don’t understand or even recognize depression, even when they are looking it in the face.

    Some people who seem “introverted” are actually clinically depressed, and very, very sick. They are quiet because, among other things, their minds are working overtime with circular or negative, self-judgements. Also, most are good people, who are experiencing deep shame for being “bad” (in their own estimation, using a mind that is not functioning properly). Being overly submissive, or perfectionist in “taking directions”, fits right into that pattern, as the person is desperately trying to be “good”, in an attempt to challenge their unfortunately distorted belief that they are “bad”. They will gladly accept insults, since they believe they deserve them. It is an illness that needs to be treated. It is a living hell. And it is pikuach nefesh, as demonstrated here.

    It is way more common than people – especially in our international “frum” community – want to believe. Telling the person to “snap out of it”, giving mussar about simchas hachayim, or being dismissive of their self-denigrating comments, will only serve to cause them to keep it hidden even more, and deepen their beliefs that they are beyond redemption. Maintaining a generalized, communal stigma against emotional illness also prevents people from getting help, R”L. There IS help. Diagnosis, Therapeutic intervention and support, Support of Family and Friends (reassurance that they are no less of a desirable person than anyone else), sometimes medication, sometimes extensive psychotherapy; are examples of factors that can be critical in saving a life. is trying to promote awareness of many problems, including this type, so that others will pay attention when a person is in need of help. Please make an effort to learn the difference between a healthy person with exemplary midos, and a tortured soul who is falling deeper and deeper into their own world darkness.

    May this tormented neshama have an aliya, and finally find menucha.
    May his family be comforted.
    And may this incident open up our minds, be a trigger for people to educate themselves, and realize that v’ahavta l’reiacha kamocha compels us to learn about these things, and hopefully prevent further tragedies.

    • You are wrong in a huge area. An official diagnosis is actually often counterproductive!!! It often does more harm than good. Especially considering that unqualified social workers – for whom it is ALWAYS illegal to provide a diagnosis – hand them out all the time. Only a qualified psychologist can diagnose. And just like with any serious medical condition, a second opinion is always necessary! (There was recently an article on Matzav the in 90%of cases, second opinions prove vital.)

      When a suffering person gets a wrong diagnosis, they now convince themselves that they suffer from this. Which makes things worse on so many levels.

      You do make some are other points which are indeed important.
      Diagnosis by unqualified people only causes more deaths, R”L. I would like to know that the org you’re pushing only has qualified psychologists making diagnosis. I would also like to know that they have a professional culture that does not allow janitors to make medical diagnoses, nor social workers mental health diagnoses either. Thank you.


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