SHOCK: This Guy Is Running For City Council In NYC Against The ‘Jewish Landlords’ Of Washington Heights And The Upper West Side

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Thomas Lopez-Pierre, candidate for NY City Council in the 7th Council District, released a video informing his constituents what his blatantly antisemitic platform stands for.



  1. “We will defeat Donald Trump”.
    Someone needs to update N.T. Semite, that Donald Trump is the POTUS, and isn’t running in this election.

  2. At least we know where he stands. Other anti-Semites conceal their true feelings but he put it out there. He needs to be commended for this even though I don’t think he will get too many Jewish votes.

  3. Demonize and scapegoat the Jews to drum up popular support – what a brilliant, original idea! Wonder why nobody else throughout history thought of it!

  4. Ok, Where is the outcry from all the anti-Trumpers? Where are the people who protested Trump Tower for weeks? Where are they????


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