SHOCK VIDEO: Black Mob Viciously Beats White Trump Voter in Chicago

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The mainstream media is ignoring shocking video out of the city of Chicago that shows a mob viciously beating a white man because he voted in Tuesday’s presidential election for Donald Trump.

The video, which will shock readers, shows young black men dragging an older white man and punching him and kicking him without mercy.

The clip shows the thugs repeatedly yelling, “You voted Donald Trump,” as they beat him while others steal his possessions from inside his vehicle.

The clip is profanity-filled, so has edited the audio so that readers can view this shocking and disturbing video.

One can only wonder what the media’s reaction would be if it was the reverse, with a group of people beating a voter for selecting Hillary Clinton. If Trump supporters had been caught on tape viciously beating a black Hillary voter, this would be a national news story.

Instead, the media is ignoring this racist, bigoted, disgusting display.

YouTube has deleted the video numerous times, but you can watch it here.




  1. And in Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago not one bystander stopped to assist the man or offer help! Remember Rahm Emmanuel, the Obama’s good friend?

  2. Of course there is a double standard in the DNC controlled media. It is Obama /Holder that fanned the flames of racial tensions in an otherwise peaceful Nation. It was our first black President that was elected to office because of the WHITE voters, that set us back 100 years in race relations. It was ONLY because of the color of his skin that he was elected twice. If it was a white person who was so incompetent and dangerous like Obama is, they would of been thrown out of office on their head. The Obama’s, and especially that wife of his, are the most ungrateful people to ever walk the face of the earth. They got to the highest position in the land, and perhaps the world, and all they do is complain complain complain. Everything is the white man’s fault.
    What do you expect from these George Soros sponsored lowlife dreck to go out and demonstrate / complain about the evil white man?
    Now even Trump himself is being threatened with assassination by these Hillary supporters. Look on Drudge report for such stories.
    Now that you see these vermin marauding in the streets of America, can you just imagine who Hillary would of chosen as her advisers and cabinet positions?!
    Thank G-d Donald Trump was elected fair and square.
    Hopefully he will fire all the Thought Police and we can finally take care of this Nations problems. He won’t have to be concerned and worried what the wicked NY Times or CNN has to say or think.

  3. Hillarys army. she paid them with welfare. i think with trump as president they r jobless again. these r people who should be deported. get them out and then work on the illegals.

  4. this is horrible. how come the main stream media is focused on anti trump protests but fails to report on violence and intimidation against trump supporters?

  5. and then they pay attention when these merciless retards get shot by cops.they would have to improve before i called them animals


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