Watch: Shocking Video Released After Brutal Beating of Chicago Officer – Who Didn’t Shoot Because of Fear of Backlash

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Graphic dashcam and bodycam video has been released showing a suburban man — allegedly high on PCP — punching and body-slamming Chicago police officers as they tried to handcuff him earlier this month, NBC Chicago reports.

More than three hours of footage of the brutal incident were released Friday by the Chicago Police Department after authorities said a female officer who was beaten unconscious didn’t shoot her attacker because she feared she might face backlash.


The footage begins as two officers attempt to take Parta Huff, of Maywood, into custody after he allegedly crashed his vehicle into a liquor store.

The officers in the 15th District were on patrol when they came across a traffic accident near the intersection of South Cicero Avenue and West Roosevelt Road, authorities said.

A female officer is seen in the footage cuffing Huff’s left wrist, but is heard shouting at him to stop fighting before she can get his right wrist cuffed.  The officer is shouting at her partner to “Taser” the man as both officers continue ordering him to “stop fighting” and “get down on the ground.”



  1. This poor woman has Obama and Lynch to blame. They are the ones who created this monster called BLM. We, the taxpaying citizens, are all the losers under this terrible regime.
    Why have the black community let the WHITE Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, off the hook for all the murders and shootings in Chicago??? Because he’s a Democrat? Are they all that dumb and stupid?!

  2. should of shot we have to pay to house him.don’t see all the people upset that the cop got hart. they only get upset when the cops shoot

  3. Why should she have shot him? She got beat up and fell awkwardly that knocked her unconscious not beaten to a pulp that risked her life. There is a difference.

    Too much lethal force by police is being used and that is simple pshat. This was handled properly. Cops know this stuff happens in the line of duty

  4. The police in America are starting to face the reality that every soldier in Israel has to face everyday and the worry what the in and peace groups will have to say on the matter.

  5. Why should they shoot? There was a fight but not an immediate danger to life. If a person can’t take a fist fight, perhaps he or she should not become a police officer.


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