SHOCKING: Jewish Woman in Critical Condition After Being Deliberately Run Over by Car (Video)

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In what is nothing short of shocking, appalling, and downright disturbing, a Jewish woman is in critical but stable condition at University Hospital in Newark, NJ after being struck by a car multiple times early this morning in Elizabeth, NJ, TAPinto Elizabeth reports.

The shocking, hard-to-watch, hard-to stomach video below shows the woman running away from what appears to be a Subaru Forester, fleeing onto neighboring properties to try and avoid being hit. The footage also shows the woman being struck, falling to the ground, and then – shockingly – being run over two more times.

The end of the video had to be shortened here because of profanity.

The video was taken at around 8:40 a.m. at the intersection of Salem Avenue and Aberdeen Street.

TAPinto Elizabeth reports that a spokesperson for the city of Elizabeth says the suspect has been identified and apprehended.





    • > “instead of helping?”

      “helping” how? Stand in front of the car (that is too far away to reach) and get run over? Shoot the driver with guns they don’t have? Perhaps calling the authorities is the proper form of “helping”?

    • 6 on one hand, half a dozen on the other. People should help, I agree. But if you get out of your car, now you are a target of the other car, you end up like her. But with a video, this person cannot say that this woman was not targeted, or that he hit the gas by mistake, it clearly shows he went after her and used his vehicle as a weapon.

  1. Was this her ex husband? Was this a domestic dispute that turned violent? What hashgacha that some random person was punkt there as it happened and punkt had his phone ready to video this “incident”. If you’ll notice, there is not a single other soul anywhere to be seen. It is total quiet, besides the the driver, lady, and video taker. Something is not adding up here.

    • It seems that something happened to trigger her running away from the car, which also caused the video-taker to pull his phone out and start filming. nowadays phones are never far from easy access, just in case anything exciting happens… the driver probably cursed her out or tried to hit her, which caused her to start running for her life. it caught this guy’s attention and he started filming. which is very good for when this case comes to trial and the perp can be convicted of attempted murder with this piece of hard evidence!

  2. This savage immediately needs to be run over by this woman or/& a family member of hers driving the car to run this savage over, until he is totally eliminated.
    Anything short of this, is an absolute travesty of justice. Anyways, since this savage is an animal & not a human, there is no reason to even bother with a trial & not simply run him over immediately.

  3. From looking at this horrific, shocking footage, it seems clear that this was a deliberate and calculated act of violence against this poor woman. The driver “carefully” stops and backs up, only to head straight at his target. He then “carefully” – ever so slowly – rams into her, going all the way up to the front door area of the property. This is NOT your typical road rage or unstable drunken driver. There’s something more to this done in a calculated and measured attack.

  4. The websites which post this footage are not all that much better than those who commit such acts as depicted in the video.
    Take a long look in the mirror, Matzav.
    Yes, I am very serious.

  5. It is inappropriate to post this video . We can only imagine how traumatizing this is for this poor woman and her family to begin with. The details of the story in print are sufficient. A little menschlikeit and common sense are in order .

  6. The turd was finally arrested and charged. He is from the same simian background as the NYC subway shooter. Totally untamable ….

  7. I don’t know who did the filming but you are not helping the woman if your filming her being killed. What made you think yelling at someone who just ran someone down in broad daylight was gonna stop them. Put the camera down you muppet and help her your, not Gandolph you shall not pass isn’t gonna work. What has happened to men being men? We protect and help we don’t stand their film and yell when someone needs us. What if it’s your daughter sis mom grandma you would want someone to help not stand there and yell. We are raising soft weak men who are too afraid to act.YOU just stood there and made noises and filmed.smh.

  8. In Georgia Governor Kemp just signed the Constitutional Carry law. If New Jersey had the same this most likely could have been prevented. The cops should have dragged the guy out of the car and shot the guy in the head. The kind of scum that could do this to another human being should not be breathing.

  9. Why do you show what goes on in other neighborhoods and not your own. Why show such a horrific incident! Disgraceful!!!!

  10. I would hope that if something like this happened to me that there would be someone recording as well. How else will you get proof? Guy cam eon the records to say the car “slipped”. SMFH.

  11. “The end of the video had to be shortened here because of profanity.”

    They show a woman run over 3x and then they find profanity more of a reason to not show the rest?

  12. Like everything else in the media, where is the full context? We’re only seeing 15 seconds of footage. No prefatory footage. Who filmed this? Where? What led up to it? How do we know this woman is Jewish? How do we even know it’s a woman? Too many assumptions not enough hard facts. Typical clickbait.

  13. What has the world come to. Time was when any man did this to a woman the men in the community would take care of matters and all the police could do is cut the body down from the tree.

  14. How dare you guys cause more pain and suffering to this family by posting this video?! You couldn’t just explain what happened?!
    Disgusting. Take off your white shirts and stop thinking your holier than thou before you learn to be consistent with yiddishe values.

  15. Keep this in mind the next time a Chabad charity wants to relocate these creatures into a predominantly White families neighborhood and call it Tikun Olam.


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