Shocking NYC Parking Ticket Blitz: $115 Fines For What Was Legal Minutes Before


ticketsNobody likes getting parking ticket. But it’s especially infuriating when the rules are changed right before your eyes.

As CBS 2’s John Slattery reported Monday it happened to at least a half-dozen motorists in Greenwich Village.

As the city’s bike-share program spreads its tentacles, Jose Cherrez is one who got caught up in a ticket blitz that he said was unfair. How does he feel?

“Angry,” Cherrez said.

It happened on West 15th Street at Seventh Avenue, where bike racks now stand. But on Shabbos morning, as surveillance video shows, cars were parked there and were legal. The tape shows a city transportation crew changing “alternate side, Monday and Thursday” signs to “No Standing Anytime.”

Then, within 25 minutes of the signs going up, traffic agents were swiping registration stickers and issuing tickets to five or six cars parked there. One building manager watched it happen.

“Well, it’s ridiculous,” Karim Znaidi said.

Cherrez, who works across the street, and was ticketed, spoke to the agents.

“They don’t care. They just want to collect money for Mr. Bloomberg – from my pocket,” Cherrez said.

The fine: $115. The only notice: paper signs that warned of towing if cars were not out by 6 p.m. Saturday, but what happened to the motorists Slattery spoke to happened six hours before.

“I’m gonna fight it. I am,” Cherrez said.

Nicole Gomez, a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation said parking next to a bike stand is illegal, “Still, any motorist who believes they received a ticket in error can contest it through the Department of Finance, which adjudicates violations.”

It all happened lickety-split, so fast that people watching said it was downright unfair.

The bike-share program is scheduled to begin Memorial Day, with 330 stations, sharing 6,000 bikes.

Source: WCBS 880 AM

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  1. If they’re going to change the parking rules then they should put up a notice of when the change is to take place. Otherwise it is entirely wrong to do what they did.

  2. Who remembers when Bloomy said, “Well the ciyy needs the money!”
    That’s what we get for reelcting this …… to a third term. Remember, he changed the rules then too!

  3. Bl$$mberg is a Rasha Mirusha! This “Gotcha” mentality of raising funds on the backs of the hard working tax payers is disgusting! I would like to thank those who spit in our face and overturned term limits! Will the rulership of his arrogance EVER end???

  4. NYC thinks these charges are a joke. There should be an upper limit how much ANY ticket could cost maybe $30 – $40

  5. There is a law that any new change in parking signage requires a 5 day waiting period before it is enforced so thos that received the summonses within 5 days of the change can have their tickets dismisssed.


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