SHOCKING: Sifrei Torah Destroyed With Acid

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Just a day has passed since unnamed vandals desecrated the Siach Yisroel shul in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood  of Jerusalem. Congregants arrived on Tuesday morning to find sifrei Torah strewn across the floor, splattered with acid. The rest of the synagogue was damaged by the acid as well, including the now-destroyed aron kodesh, seforim, and furniture.

The shul’s community are prominently French immigrants, thousands of which have fled European anti-semitism in recent years. For many the event was not only a reminder of the violence currently rampant in the rest of the world, but “recalls dark days in the history of the Jewish people.” (Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein)

Jerusalem Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi HaRav Aryeh Stern stated, “We were shocked to hear about desecration of the shul in Kiryat HaYovel in Jerusalem … It is incumbent on all of us to protest against the perpetrators of the heinous crime we have seen in the difficult years of the Holocaust by the Nazis. Now we must explore our actions and strengthen our atmosphere of unity, of the people living in Tzion.”

As of now the shul is uninhabitable. An urgent fund has been started to replace the sifrei Torah, as well as the destroyed furniture. The fund’s efforts are not only to rebuild the physical structure of the synagogue, but to strengthen the unity of the Jewish people in the face of anti-semitism.

“We will not allow this tragedy to frighten us,” says campaign text. “Just as they did their best to destroy us, with yours’ and G-d’s help we will rebuild it back up to a dignified place of prayer and Torah learning, a symbol for the eternal Jewish people. Terror comes to shake us but klal yisroel will endure.”

Until sufficient funds are raised, the damaged shul, once brimming with life and mitzvot, will stand empty.

Those interested in joining the effort to rebuild the desecrated Siach Yisroel synagogue can do so here.


  1. Please take the picture down, nobody should see Sifrei Torah like this. R’ Chaim said whoever saw this should fast. I would think posting a picture of this is not Kovod Hatora.

  2. I will repeat here what I remarked at an earlier report on Matzav of this tragic story. It is EXTREMELY GOOD that these pictures of the wreaked Beis Medrosh are placed here (and on other Bnei Torah news websites) where the public can view them. For it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL that people will CLEARLY SEE the HORRENDOUS MASSIVE SACRILEGE that occurred and feel SEVERELY PAINED AND REVOLTED by it.

    • Would you post a picture of a frum yid that died in a massacre? The answer is obviously no, because it’s not Kovod Hameis even though you want to start some so called revolt as to which we should leave up to god. All the more so of Sifrei Torah.

    • To #let Us Look At The Facts. your comment shows how ignorant you are, and lack the basic respect for the Torah and Hashem.. I already wrote a response on YWN to your comment you wrote there similar to this one, and I will repost it here too for this website to take notice as well. According to your way of thinking, if someone sees someone’s wife or daughter getting raped God forbid, and takes pictures of the crime, would you also say then that it’s ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to make all the graphic pictures go viral to the public so people can see the horrendous crime and be severely pained??? or you most likely would say it’s not nice to show graphic pictures, not respectful to the woman and her family. Why is this case here any different? Some lowlife animals broke into a shul a holy makom of kedusha, tore open the Hechal Hakodesh, threw four Sifei Torah on the ground, this doesn’t sound like rape to you? and you have the chutzpah to say it’s important to show the pictures to the world? Where is your respect and sensitivity to Hashem and His Honor??

      You should also know that real people don’t need to see pictures for them to understand how severe something is, we can relate and equally feel the pain without seeing pictures. For thousands of years we went through so much Tsaros and Gzeros from the Churban Beis Hamikdash and on, Jews constantly mourned for them throughout the generations, they had no graphic images to see like we do, and they had no Frum websites to broadcast daily events, yet they understood how painful the gzeiros were, and had way more compassion and empathy than we do today. So please go take your nonsense somewhere else. baruch Hashem most people here have common sense to realize that spreading these kinds of disturbing pictures for people to see every time they open the site is very disturbing, and against halacha as well.
      I have come to a realization that the so called “frum” websites are really low, have zero respect and fear of God, zero respect to Torah values, zero respect to millions of their readers. I have no doubt in my mind that all these Jewish news websites and newspapers who posted these images and continue to do so, all עתידין ליתן את הדין בגדול they will not have a happy ending.

  3. What us chareidim do to each other in eretz yisroel with the painful machlokes is a million times worse than this. We should be fasting for the machlokes that us frum people do to each other not for acts of desecration that a bunch of arabs did to a sefer torah.

    • Matzav is hardly a frum website. It is mostly a schnorring website. Every once in a while, there’s a real news item, but its usually a week old and irrelevant.


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