SHOCKING: Swastika Found Inside Mezuzah

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One thing you don’t expect to find in a mezuzah? A swastika.

Thinking of it gives one the chills.

A noted sofer stam encountered just that.

The Ohio sofer was brought mezuzos to check. What he thought would be a routine examination left his mouth agape. Upon opening a mezuzah, he find a swastika written in red on the actual parchment.

At this point, no one knows how long ago the swastika was drawn, who might have done it, or whether someone removed a mezuzah from the wall to do it and then reaffixed it.

“It is truly shocking,” a neighbohr told “Hopefully, the perpetrator can be found. To say this is sacrilegious is an understatement. We are shocked and appalled.”

{CB Newscenter}


  1. I think the szastka was there first and a mezuzah was written upon it, le’hacris(להכרית). We shall overcome, yes we will.

  2. feather pen, this was done by a disgruntled employee, who belonged to a biker gang, in the month of elul please keep your judgemental comments to yourself, I know the sofer personaly, aswell as where the mezuzos were from, the owner of the establishment is an upstanding yorei shomayim


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