Sholem Egert Vying for Ocean County Clerk

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sholem-egertAn Ocean County Democrat has dropped her bid for municipal office to run for county clerk this fall, a challenge the Republican acting clerk said he welcomes.

Michele Rosen was nominated Sunday to run for a five-year term as clerk, county Democrats announced late Monday night. She had been seeking an unexpired Ocean Township Committee term.

The election of a new clerk became necessary when incumbent Carl Block resigned, effective July 1, to be appointed county administrator, replacing Alan Avery, who retired.

Deputy County Clerk Scott Colabella succeeded Block as acting clerk. Colabella announced July 15 he would campaign for the office.

County Republicans have not yet scheduled a meeting to nominate a candidate for clerk, said George Gilmore, the party chairman. Sept. 15 is the deadline to do so.

Lakewood resident Sholem Egert also is running for clerk, as an independent with the slogan “A Cleaner Ocean”.

Rosen has run for several offices, including for a 9th District Assembly seat in 2007. She said the clerk’s office under Block, and now Colabella, had spent money irresponsibly.

“I believe that I have the qualifications to make the office run efficiently and economically,” Rosen said. “I think you’re going to find it’s going to be a very vigorous campaign, a competitive campaign.”

“Competitive” often is the best Democrats can hope from countywide races, which Republicans haven’t lost in November since 1989.

Colabella, a Republican, touted his 17 years of experience in the Clerk’s Office.

“I think I have a wealth of experience to offer and a good story to bring to the voters about the office,” Colabella said. Asked about the prospect of competing against Rosen, he replied, “Should I be successful in getting the nomination, I look forward to a good, spirited fall campaign.”

County Democrats plan to submit a replacement candidate for the final year of former Ocean Township Committeeman Robert Kraft’s term, Earp said. Republican Tina Wetter was appointed to the seat on an interim basis in March, and she and independent candidate Danny Collamer are seeking election to it this fall.

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  1. He gave up his “Township” run becuase it was part of a ploy to give HH a second shot at Bob Singer. When it was concluded that such a move was illegal, he dropped his candidacy.

  2. The biggest joke is that the County Clerk gets a six figure salary for doing nothing. Egert dropped his bid because the Clerk’s job became available. The Republican who wants to run is overqualified for the job, is unmarried, and is just after the money. He has been the deputy Clerk for the last 6 years. It’s just a scam, people. Vote for Egert, and help out Yiddishe mosdos by extention. Egert is a big baal tzedakka. Let’s rise up.


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