Sholom Rubashkin – Uniting a Nation with Faith

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  1. How wondrous it is that in our lifetime, the entirety of our glorious nation was brought together through joy, not merely through tragedy. As long as I live, I will never forget the rejoicing, the excitement, the pride, and the unity that so set my heart aflame on that wintry Zos Chanukah. R’ Shalom Mordechai – as much as President Trump may have been your shliach, you were ours. After so much hate, division, and fleeting, tragedy-inspired unity that lasted only a short while before the inevitable finger-pointing began once more, you were klal Yisrael’s messenger, granting us the occasion to taste unity born of the greatest joy that transcends any and all differences – a joy that awakens the pintele yid, the innermost point of perfect purity, within each and every Jew and reveals how, beyond all of the labels, modes of dress, and hashkafic opinions, we are all bound together at our essence – as the Tanya so famously states, “av echad l’kulana” – we are all brothers, for we share the same Father in heaven. Klal Yisrael will be forever indebted to you for the Chanukah neiros of emunah, bitachon, geulah, achdus, ahavas haTorah, ahavas Hashem and ahavas Yisrael you lit in all of our souls. Wishing you and your family only nachas and yishuv hada’as ad meah v’esrim, and may we continue to see nissim and the ultimate geulah!

    Yaakov Klein

  2. Not all of us are united some of us believe that while the jail term was excessive he still is a criminal and should not be given this hero status.

    • ALL OF US are united except for umfarginerishe mean people like you who only see bad in a person because mainstream fake news brainwashed you so. It’s impossible that a person like Rubashkin who’s full of emunah and yiras Shamayim should be a criminal. The way you judge others, that is how you will be judged min Hashamayim.

  3. Opportunity! Niten lhatzilo is what the posuk says by a nirdof. Rabbi Osher Eisenman of SCHI is being hounded by the prosecutor’s office. If you want a zechus you have the opportunity to donate towards his legal fees. Donations can be made via check written to CZR and sent to 307 Dewey Avenue Lakewood NJ 08701 or via credit card at the web address below:

    Tizku limotzvos!

    PS: We must stop zeyidim who utilize arkois r’l



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