MUSLIM KILLERS: Shooting Suspect Traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2015

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ny postSyed Rizwan Farook, one of the suspected attackers in the San Bernardino, California, shooting that left 14 people dead, traveled to Saudi Arabia in the spring and returned with a wife, according to a co-worker.

Patrick Baccari said Farook was away for about a month. When he returned, Baccari had learned that Farook had married, and a woman he described as a pharmacist arrived shortly afterward. The couple had a baby later this year, he said.

Baccari, who suffered minor wounds from shrapnel, said he had been sitting at the same table as Farook at the office party on Wednesday when his co-worker suddenly disappeared. He added Farook showed no signs of unusual behavior. Read more.



  1. More is coming up. Obama is bringing one hundred thousand more of the “religion of peace” “refugees”. In addition, the democreeps do everything to disarm the law abiding public. Notice, all the mass shootings happen in the so called “gun free zones” – i.e. only criminals can have guns zones. Those that support Obama and the democratic party have blood on their hands.

  2. I see America shifting to extreme right next election, if this keeps up. The 25 year old taboo of political correctness is on its deathbed.


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