ShopRite of Lakewood Facing Possibility of Having to Move

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shop-riteThe following, a Yated Ne’eman exclusive report, is republished here with permission:

ShopRite of Lakewood, one of the most successful ShopRite branches in the country, may be forced to move if a significant rent increase by the owners of the ShopRite Plaza shopping center is insisted upon, the Yated has learned.

One source told the Yated this week that the owners of the shopping plaza have requested a 35% increase in rent, an exorbitant sum that the owners of the ShopRite store will likely not be willing to pay.

“ShopRite has served as the anchor of that shopping plaza,” a local storeowner told the Yated. “Before ShopRite moved there, numerous stores opened and closed in quick succession. The importance of the ShopRite store to the plaza cannot be underestimated and the owners of the shopping plaza, notwithstanding their desire for more rent, should realize that.”

The ShopRite shopping plaza is home to a number of popular establishments, including J-II Pizza, Judaica Plaza, Steak-Out, The Children’s Place, Snow White Cleaners and others.

When asked by the Yated for his thoughts regarding this story, PG Waxman of Waxman Realty said that although he is not involved with the plaza, it is his understanding that ShopRite has been looking at various sites in Howell Township, but at this point plans to stay in Lakewood. “It would be a tremendous loss for the community if they were to move, in particular since, as mentioned, they are the anchor for the plaza.”

Before ShopRite moved to the plaza, located at the corner of Route 9 South and West Kennedy Blvd., the shopping center had been home to stores such as Kings, Shelby’s, Pantry Pride and Foodtown, but none of them lasted there very long.

“There were numerous vacancies until ShopRite came,” a local real estate agent said.

In September 1992, ShopRite, which was then located in the current Shloimy’s Kosher World location, next to what was then Jamesway, moved to the plaza, changing the face of the shopping center and bringing it vitality. The ShopRite store took over the lease of A&P, which lasted little more than three months there.

In a conversation with the Yated, Rabbi Moshe Chomsky, who heads the popular Kosher Experience section in Lakewood’s ShopRite, related that, in 1984, the Lakewood store was the first of any national chain to open a kosher department.

Over the years, Rabbi Chomsky and The Kosher Experience provided food to numerous yeshivos at very reasonable prices and the ShopRite Dollars certificates sold years ago were instrumental in raising much needed funds for the establishment of the Lakewood mikvah.

Times have changed, but the popularity of the store has continually increased.

“Of the 240 some odd ShopRite stores in the United States,” Rabbi Chomsky told the Yated, “the Lakewood ShopRite sells more Coca Cola that any one of them. There are a number of other items, including diapers and cereal,” shared Rabbi Chomsky, “that sell in greater quantity in Lakewood than at any other branch in the country, due to the growth of the frum community.”

It is hoped that the situation will be settled in a manner that will be beneficial for the greater community.

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  1. #1, Do you mean to say that it’s ok for the local businesses to be able and control the playing field by charging even more exorbitant prices??

    Just remember that the Consumer is the winner when a real supermarket like Shoprite is around because of 1) their great sale prices 2) their good customer service 3)they keep the other retailers in check both in service & pricing..

    Oh, and you forget about the many Jewish people making a parnassah as K/E employees or as wholesalers thanks to the Lakewood Shoprite.

    I sure hope they stay right where they are..

  2. I also remember when Shoprite donated some nice gelt toward the shtot mikva a few years back. That was something they did not have to do but did anyway because they wanted to show appreciation for our community..

  3. It is another example of a greedy landlord. I hope they find another better location and this landlord sits empty for am long time.

  4. shoprite in lakewood doesnt care at all about the yidden as long as they dont see it hurting sales they will be mean and nasty they were spoken to numerous times about displaying magazines by the registers and they dont care they only did it for a few years because they were caught withopen antisemitism so they did something and had them covered but now they show after everyone forgets they uncover them
    please everyone for a zchus at least for your children ika darka achrina dont go to a goyish store

  5. people can blame”greedy” lanlords all day. As everyone knows there have been thoiusands of appeals . I am sure the owner of the plaza has had his taxes increase dtremendously over the past few years and it is diffiult to make a buck. If Shop Rite goes it is a victim of the Lakewood high taxes – in effect a consequence of the lackidasisical politicians who are not doing enough to lower taxes in the community. If Shop Rite leaves then many, many peopel in the community will not have jobs

  6. #8 what in the world r u doing on the internet that’s even worse than going to shoprite and buying all the magazines the fact that you have internet in your home (unless you r sitting in your office at 10:09 PM ) can do much greater damage to your children than any magazine in shoprite (your kids r way more computer savvy than you will ever be and they can figure out how to get past all your shemiros ) so do your self a favor take ypur kids to shoprite and throw out the internet

  7. I was in Shop Rite the other day,When will they learn how to accomitdate custermers needs.They are always out of the main items,The line are forever,Why cant they open more lanes?You have to pack your owen bags.

    the place is not managed right.

  8. heimiesh – It would be nice if you knew what you are talking about. However, as many people in this town you like to kvetch without having any substantiation. All retail businesses pay besides rent a share of the taxes, depending on the square footage of the store. That has nothing to do with a Chazerishe increase of 35% in the rent.

  9. shop rite is going to move into the K Mart in Howell after it closes.
    if the rent goes up they are out of there. if it remains lower they still move & open a no friills supermarket in its place.


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