Should I Drop Him?

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  1. Depends.
    If he stopped to buy gas, what’s the problem?
    If he stopped to release gas, then… it may be an issue.

  2. THIS is why there is a shidduch crisis. The girls nowadays think they are queens that the boys have to serve them and be exactly how they want. Lets see them prepare for a date and rent a car, find a hotal that she will like, prepare what to say, dress the way she wants…… They want a Rabbi akiva Eiger who knows how to ski. If they want afun guy, okay. If they want a Masmid/Lamdan they cant also expect him to do evrything the exact way they want.I will keep it short but htose who know the truth know. Since when is every girl so makpid on how the boy looks…. New needs are being created and so many girls expect everything. There is already a surplus of girls and shortage of boys so they are just making it harder..

  3. Did he pass gas or did he fill up his vehicle with gas? If it’s the former, I could see where there might be a problem, but if it’s the latter, what in the world is wrong? The little princess would rather get stuck on the side of the road? The bigger issue is, who should have to pay for dating expenses? Why must the boy always pay for car rental, gas, tolls, drinks, entrance fees, restaurant meals, parking fee/tickets etc…??? If marriage is supposed to be 50/50, why does the princess only sit there and take? Why doesn’t she chip in for eppes something? The system is broken.

  4. Silly reason not to continue with someone otherwise would be suitable.
    THAT’S why there is a Shidduch crisis. Some girls are just not serious about getting married. And that is why there is NO Shidduch crisis in Lakewood.

  5. Wearing a white cotton non-iron shirt 24/7 and being makpid on chalav yisroel is thee most important issues for a girl to be concerned with. That is what will guarantee a good successful marriage. If he can’t commit to those 2, then he’s a lowlife oisvorf bum who clearly lacks the basics of yiras shomayim and will never amount to anything. Everything else is childs play. This is the great chuchma the girls are coming back from $40,000.00 seminaries in Israel with. Good bye normalcy in Yiddishkeit.

  6. This thing isnt serious, its a stunt. either for publicity, or some random person working at matzav is bored. (like me).
    So everyone can chill.

    Also, i thought to point out out that trump is the cause of the shidduch crisis. He is litteraly 20 years or so older than his wife, a good yiddishe step-mommeh

  7. I’m guessing there is a story there….
    But in answer to the question- Why wasn’t he prepared with a tank full of gas, BEFORE the date? hhmm…
    Did he not care about you? Is he forgetful? Did he leave you alone in the car while he went inside to pay(gasp)? Did he really stop for gas, so he can get out and have a smoke? cigarretes or something worse? Taka. Stopping for gas on a date can say a lot about a boy’s character. Maybe it means he’s abusive.
    joke! ha ha ha
    I’ve never heard such a funny question before. But as a women I can tell you all this. To be a good husband, you have to know how to listen. When a wife says her stomach hurts, she really wants you to offer her food. In plain words- she’s hungry.
    If she’s asking if she should drop the guy- there is more to the question that we aren’t hearing.

  8. To “is he abusive??” who wrote what a wife really means when she says her stomach hurts. Are you for real? not everything is backwards or some crazy hint to something else. If I tell my husband my stomach hurts It literally means my stomach hurts! If I’m hungry I’ll say so! Sheesh!

    • It was a meant to be a joke! Chill and enjoy life!
      If she’s asking such a ridiculous question about her date, men should realize there is more to the question.

  9. Devarim 23:14
    ויתד תהיה לך על־אזנך והיה בשבתך חוץ וחפרתה בה ושבת וכסית את־צאתך
    All these inyanim: Yated, the bathroom, coming back…
    Zil gmoir


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