Should the New Russian Coronavirus Vaccine be Trusted?

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2020 is certainly a landmark year for many reasons. However, the majority of us will look back upon these times as some of the most trying in recent history thanks to the current pandemic. As COVID-19 continues to take its toll, some countries are faring better than others. Although Russia has indeed suffered from a mounting number of infections, it appears as if there may very well be a light at the end of the tunnel. Vladimir Putin recently announced that his nation will soon begin the full-scale production of a new vaccine said to immunize individuals against the coronavirus. This news has been met with a great deal of skepticism in the west and we are therefore left to wonder whether or not there is any validity behind his recent statements. Let’s attempt to analyze the current situation from an objective point of view.

A Somewhat Foggy Track Record

One of the main issues which has served to dampen recent Russian claims involves the fact that this entire nation is still rather secretive in regards to its internal affairs. Thus, it is difficult to know the veracity behind claims that a vaccine has been created. This is particularly the case in terms of its safety. The majority of infectious disease experts agree that not nearly enough testing has been performed. A lack of clinical trials could also open up the possibility that the cure itself may be more harmful than the disease for some patients. In other words, it is understandable why some in the west have cast doubt upon the claims issued by Putin.

Mounting Online Consumer Awareness

We should also keep in mind that the average consumer is much more wary than in the past in terms of governmental claims. While many individuals enjoy accessing gaming portals such as this site to remain entertained throughout the day, these very same consumers are navigating to authoritative news sites and similar platforms in order to appreciate the “big picture”. Society as a whole is therefore much more educated in regards to current events. This leads us to question whether or not the Russian citizens themselves have complete faith in what their government claims due to the rising amount of skepticism that they are likely encountering across the digital domain.

A New COVID-Related “Cold War?”

This vaccine has been dubbed “Sputnik 7” (“Sputnik” is the Russian word for satellite”). It is therefore somewhat reminiscent of the Cold War in terms of the sheer intensity of competition. As we have seen in regards to the previous Space Race, Russians were often willing to place international prestige ahead of safety. We have to wonder if this is currently the case.

However, it should be mentioned that Russia is indeed one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet. It is therefore fully possible that their scientists have indeed found a vaccine that could potentially save the lives of millions. Only time will tell if this scenario proves to be true or false.


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